Here they are... tattoo pictures Harper !

Holiday greetings to all unicyclists !

Harper… you asked for them, you got them.

Pictures of the “Bedford Unicycles Tattoo Contest” …and a few others
as well !

If you know the names of the people in the pictures, please let me
know. Thanks.

Enjoy !


Who do I thank, you, Irene, or both? Thanks!

I kind of think Brad Edwards is the one in photo number five. More importantly, who is that TOTAL HUNK-HOTTIE in the background in photo number ten?

Confirmed, Mr. Harper. Photo #5 is Master Brad, buzz haircut, white shirt.

Confirmed, the total hunk in the background of photo #10 is a hottie! We were so privileged to be in the presence of “the beautiful people”.


Of course we’re talking about the guy in the red hat, right?

Wow, now you can’t beat that winner can you! Good contest Darren!


Re: Here they are… tattoo pictures Harper !

I think I can see nipple.

Re: Re: Here they are… tattoo pictures Harper !

nope just an Areola…

Re: Here they are… tattoo pictures Harper !

Could pick for the winner, no one can resist a boob.

There’s a guy with a red hat in photo #10? I just saw Megan Kowolski and some TOTAL HUNK HOTTIE in the background. Oh … you’re right … there is a guy with a red hat on the other side.