Here come the Cokers!

Wahoo! Rochelle’s first Coker was delivered today. Adam F. (14) in our club saved his summer job money and bought one. It arrived via UPS at lunch so I sent him an email at the Jr. High. He couldn’t get to our house fast enough after school.

Adam tried a Coker at TCUC’s Regionals last April and fell head over heels in love with it. I’ve ordered a Deluxe Coker for myself and now may find that we have to purchase a Coker each for Ben and Brad. Sometimes I wonder what in the world did Mary and I do to ourselves when we bought that first little yellow Jugglebug a year and a half ago for the boys. At that time, we didn’t know you all existed and now we’ve just returned from our first World Unicycling Championships.

May today’s Coker delivery be the first of many!

The Unicycle Uni-versity Unicycle Club
Rochelle, IL

Boy, what fun you’ll all have! There’s nothing like it. ;0)