I am 12 and I would like to go long distances on my unicycle but I only have a 20" unicycle, so I would like one with a bigger wheel. The problem is all the ones with big wheels are really expensive. So has any one got any old bits and bobs I can make one with?

Hi herbie,

welcome to the forums. We have a Trading Post section here:
Trading Post
You can even post a [Wanted] Thread there.
Good luck with your build.

hey : ) Welcome to the forums!

How tall you are may limit you on what size wheel you may be able to ride. A 26 or 29" wheel may be your best option. Larger wheels than that tend to get expensive very quickly, and probably would be too tall for you.

If you have a local juggling or unicycle club they may be able to help out. I don’t have an entire extra wheel, but a lot of people on the forums may be able to help you piece one together. You may want to make a wanted post in the trading post section. If someone out there has an extra wheel, I know plenty of us have other parts we would be willing to let go of.

The club 26 and trainer 29 wheels from unicycle.com are some of the cheapest options for a larger wheel.

Also, I don’t know what country you are in but the Club 29" is the deal of the week on unicycle.uk.com.

If you are mechanically talented you can build a new wheel from a junk road or mountain bike. You would need a unicycle hub and cranks (I am not sure if you would be willing to take apart your existing wheel). Getting a new frame is considerably easier than modifying an existing one for a taller tire.

Many people tend to have an old parts bin that sits neglected in the corner of their garage, if you post a wanted add on the trading post you might find someone willing to send you old/unused parts for cheap.

Welcome Herbie. You are my favorite Volkswagen! Hope you don’t have to look that one up…

If you have it where you live, you can also try Craigslist for local unicycles for sale. Even a 24" makes a big difference over a 20" for going places, and those will be much more common than anything bigger.

Good luck!


I had the opportunity to buy a car that actually appeared in the original movie; the #DLW138. Hope you don’t have to look that one up

However I bought one of the same brand and body-type, but 80 years old.
So now when I drive my car other people in traffic respond even stronger than when I ride my unicycle.

But talking about that inspiring movie, and linking it to unicycling;
I’m considering to extend my unicycle/coffee animation with making coffee.

Wow! Do you drive people to their weddings? Could be a good side job. :slight_smile:

I had the opportunity to see one of the Beetles used in the original movie. This was one that was customized to be driven backwards. It had the controls reversed and a little seat on the right side, low down, for the actual driver, while the actor sat in the “driver’s seat” and acted, while the car went really fast down the track in reverse!

They also had an Aston Martin from one of the Bond movies, and an Evil Knievel motorcycle.

Sorry Herbie, we’ve jacked your thread with that other, upstart Herbie…

With such a name of such a great made movie, among a forum with unicyclist minds, then you’re asking for it.
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Hello Herby, my youngest doughter is soon to be 9 next month. She has a 24 I set up for her with about a 25" inseam. It has a new knobby tire and a smaller Torqer seat. I am planning to set her up on my old 24 " Triton next month as her next step up. I would be up for parting with it then. If you are interested pm me

This is her with the 24" Herbie

2017-01-29 18.15.03.jpg

I’m not so sure Herbie’s not a bot… 1st post and all. :slight_smile:


hello thanks everyone for replying I did not expect so many replies also I am not a bot honest.:slight_smile:

We had someone ask if we buy back unicycles. The guy asking had a Nightfox that he did not get on with and was asking us if we can buy it back… we don’t do that and I recommended that he sell it on Unicyclist.com.

So… there may be a nightfox coming up for sale on the trading section from the UK.



Pictures of my 700c if you like. Trying anyway.

Picture. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

thanks roger.

Good news! I have acquired a big wheeled uni hurrah!
I have got a huge 36" one with no tyre peddles or seat post but that doesn’t matter because its a bit big for me so it will take a while for me to grow in to it but for the mean time I have 26" muni which is good fun so thanks for the help everyone. also does anyone know if these are any good - Huni-Rex 26" Geared Unicycle.
thanks, herbie.:slight_smile:

I’d never heard of that unicycle before (which doesn’t mean much), but it looks pretty neat. UDC doesn’t seem to sell it here in the US. If I did my math right, the cost is just under $660 US dollars, which seems like a pretty decent price for a geared unicycle. As they said on the website, it’s much cheaper than a Schlumpf hub, which by itself is 3 times the cost, but then again, you can change gears on the Schlumpf hub.

It does look to be well made, and if they’re selling it on the Denmark UDC site, that gives me some confidence that the quality is good. If you do find any review of it, I’d be curious to see what people are saying about it.

One thing to note is that they moved the cranks below the axle of the wheel. From the pictures it looks like the cranks are pretty close to the ground. If you wanted to use longer cranks, you might want to make sure that they have plenty of clearance. I’m sure it’s just the photograph making it look that way, and it’s probably fine, but I would email them just to make sure.

There are several threads on the huni-rex here already, including mention of crank strike issues.

And more if you use the search box at the upper right.

Would be kind of interesting to try the same idea but with the crank axles offset forward rather than down, or perhaps offset on a 45 degree slope.