Herbie the Love Bug got crushed ...

… but came back as my Uni. Here is Herbie “unloaded” …

And here is Herbie “Fully Loaded” with Airfoil wheelset, Magura HS33, KH Freeride saddle, GB4 handle, Kooka adjustable cranks (145/115), Jim Cielencki pedals, cycle computer, and cute little bag to carry a Lindsay Lohan figurine :slight_smile:

You totally just solved my “where do I put my Lindsay Lohan figurene when I ride?” problem.

I thank you for this.

That is a very quirky frame design. Nice work DonO. :smiley: :smiley:

Nice. I wonder how many people will realise what you have done?


All I did was find the junkyard where Lindsay Lohan left poor Herbie, and resurrected him into a more useable form. Lindsay should never have been given a racing license. That’s why I keep her locked up in the bag!

Hahaha Don that is awesome, I’m totaly Jealous. I have been wanting to paint my coker frame for a long time, and that is such awesome inspiration. I can’t wait to meet you in Vietnam!

Its a Nimbus 36" frame…

The paint job looks excellent though!

Chemically stripped, bead blasted, powder coated, and stickers applied.

The powdercoat is so smooth I can’t put a clearcoat over top of the stickers to make sure they don’t come off - the paint shop says it will “fisheye” unless they first sand down the powdercoat, which kinda’ blows the whole purpose of putting a nice powdercoat on. So I don’t know how long the stickers will last. Has anyone had any longevity with stickers on uni frames? For example, has anyone tried using fingernail polish to smooth the sticker edges so they don’t scrape off? Any other ideas?

The ones who matter, will.

Nice piece of kit DonO.

I love what you did. That brought a nice smile to my face.

Cosmetically, I would say to change the cover color to match the frame, but because you sit on the seat and the color will not show, it looks great.

I wonder if more people will start putting some themes into their uni design. Except Koxx, they already have the drug theme covered.

That looks like a fantastic frame. But where’s the photo of Lindsay Lohan? Or can’t you take her out of the carry bag for that?

Anyway, I’m a big fan of white frames. I bought some 1980’s Skyway wheels from eBay a while ago, and hope to get around to building up a retro unicycle with white frame and red, blue and white Skyway stickers on it. Not sure how I’ll get the hub sorted out though, so I might just end up using the back wheel with a fixed chain ring on my giraffe.


haha, got myself a new quote :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

Honestly, thats the best looking coker I’ve ever seen.

Freaking AMAZING!!!

Sweet ride Don! After so many miles in San Francisco, I’m sure Herbie is looking forward to working his way across Vietnam next year.

This frame is so nice that it desserves a ressurection from the dead.
Good job on this fine ride :sunglasses:

That cute little saddlebag


what a magnificent ride: is it still around?

I have that frame, too, and have been wondering what sort of bag I can get to put my ornaments in whilst riding …

Can anyone identify it, or recommend appropriate bags.