Helping someone to learn how to ride

can be almost as much fun as what you experienced at the beginning, almost. My brother said he was interested and would try it, but I could not pin him down on a time. Today I got him to get on and go around my car holding on with both hands. He did it after a couple of tries and was fired up for more. Did several more like this. Next I told him to go around with one hand for support. Got it. very exciting. After many times around we moved to the next step. We pulled his car behind mine with a 2 ft gap between them. I told him to only go down one side of the 2 cars and not to do the circle and to lean forward when moving through the gap and reach only slightly for the next car. Success. Next step was to do this many times untill comfortable with the gap. The reason I told him not to circle the cars was to get him to do a controlled turn around at the end of the car without stepping off the uni. I figured the effort it takes to grip the seat and pedals with the thighs and feet and to turn the torso would help him to get the feel of the uni in those awkward turnarounds while holding on to the car. After this got sort of easy, I told him to take off, let go of the car, lean forward and ride as far as he could on the next one rather than turn around. He did one successful revolution before the uni shot out from under him. At this point he was very excited. On his next attempt he went about 6 yds. He is now offically sold on unicyclying and I now will have someone to ride with very soon !!! He did this within 1 hour. Wow.

Congratulations on bringing another to the dark side!

I get what you mean about helping being fun. I just came inside from helping my 12 year old brother ride, and he was absolutely ecstatic at getting 80 feet. He’s been in a rut for a week almost and managing more than 8 feet was enough to send him to bliss.

Great feeling indeed! Love to guide anybody who willing to commit and learn.
Today it was my friend’s third session on my 26 Muni, which I use to carry with me to any outdoor friends gathering. Today the conditions weren’t optimal, and all we have there was a bicycle off-road trail. I was a amazed when I saw him free mounting after few attempts!!! Later he rode about 100m on the bumpy trail! of course he finished the 40 min. Session exhausted… But with a big smile all over his face :smiley:

For modeling, I tried my fresh new one-footed riding skill, on the same trail… :slight_smile:
After few attempts I did it, my friend even took a short video of it, I’ll post it in the picture thread when I have the link from him.

Have fun,

Your 12 year old brother does not need this, but for others, Just One Wheel:
has a great device for learning to ride a uni, with video on their website. Check it out!

It’s like training wheels!

Made a deal with my brother last week to buy my 26’’ muni, so I just bought a 29’’ muni. But what has happened is, I have been riding my new 29’’ on the trails so well and like the 29’er so much better, that I told him not to buy the 26’er from me; just use it to learn on. Because once he has learned to ride I am sure he will want a 29’er also and that will most likely be his first muni. So there will be a nimbus 26’’ for sale in a few weeks(only 2 months old) at $250

The dark side?! :thinking: You mean the light side:p