Hey guys, I am really interested in unicyling and really want to start. What brand is a good starter, yet somewhat cheap?

Torker Lx

Get it from here or on ebay.

This is what all of us recommend for starting. (right guys?)

I agree with surfer about the LX, you may want to change the seat later on as the LX seat becomes very uncomfortable after a while. :smiley:

Hi all, I just decided to get back on the unicycle after giving it up 10-12 years ago. My old schwinn 24" was on its last leg so I purchased a 26" torker. I found out that I’m more out of shape than I thought as I can’t seem to ride for more than a couple of minutes before my legs give out. I also discovered the issue with seat that Hazmat mentioned. Any suggestions for a replacement seat? I’m just over 6’ and about 225lbs (for now :wink: ).


try this

yes the lx seats are the same thing as the miyata seat

Man that was fast. Thanks for link, I’ll check it out.

This is one good way to make that seat comfortable,

edit: Oops didn’t see the post before.

i started out on a no brander that was bought through the local bike shop
i still ride it