Hello, I am a new unicycler and have a cheapy uni. I am planning on buying a nicer unicycle, but I don’t really now that much about the different kinds of unicycling. I am planning on getting a nimbus since it seems to be a well recommended uni. I want one that will be good for just cruising around, but I also want one that is good for jumping. I am nowhere near good enough to try tricks/jumping stuff yet, but it seems like something that I’d be interested in. I have a 24" uni right now and I’ve been looking at the Nimbus 20-inch Trials, but I don’t know if it would be good for just riding around with such a small wheel.

The main thing I’m wondering is what style of unicycle I should get. I’m pretty set on getting a nimbus isis of some sort. Also, I have no idea about the hole length thing, any help there would be greatly appreciated.

I honestly don’t know anything about this stuff yet, so sorry if I said anything that didn’t make sense:)


ps. I totally just posted this in the wrong section. Sorry.


cody rush?

If you are referring to my last name when you said “rush” no. My last name is Bryan. If there are other Cody’s here I will put my last name in also.

Using a 20" to get places kinda sucks, but it is still faster than walking, and you can keep a pretty good pace on a 20".

If tricks, trials and flatland is what you would like to do the most, then go for a 20". There are lots of good brands. Torker DX, Koxx, Qu-Ax, Nimbus Trials, and KH.

If you are more focused on getting places a little bit faster, but not have full potential of trials, street, and flatland, go with the 24". A 24" is also better to use for muni.

If I was you, id get a 20" for now.

umm… ya, my seat post clamp thing just snapped while I was trying to tighten it:( . I had to tighten it a lot cause it came completely loose every time my seat hit the ground :angry:

Since your pretty set on the whole cruising around and maybe jumping a bit, I’d get a 24. Once your a little more experience and pick up some skills, then I would go for a 20. You can cruise around nicely on a 24 and still do some of the jumping/trials riding you seem to be interested in. Although a 20 would be best for trials/street/flatland.

If I were you I would try getting into muni. It’s a combination of cruising and jumping and looks like loads of fun. Sadly there are no mountanious regions in Texas so I can’t tell you first hand. So just get out there and have fun with it.

So I think that I will go with a 24" wheel. But which one will be a good allaround uni? I would like a uni that is good for just cruising around with, but also is good for some jumping/street stuff. I don’t really know at this point what kind of unicycling I am going to be interested in so I would like to get one that is capable of most everything. Also I would like an extremely dependable uni, that will be able to take a beating.

Thanks for the help,

I would reccomend a 24" Torker dx. Its’ what most of us started on in one form or another and its a great uni to get you started on more advanced skills and let you decide what type of unicycling you like best. Not to mention the torkers can take one hell of a beating…trust me.

Yeah, from what I’ve read, the Torker DX would be a very nice uni to get, it’s not that expensive, and “virtually bomb proof”.
The only draw back that I’ve seen, is that it’s heavier than other unis of the same size.

I’ve heard that the nimbus isis is better. Thats why I’m planning on getting one of those. The main thing I’d like to know is what model to get.

Nimbus Trials uni with KH Moment cranks.

yeah I forgot about those. Idk, I haven’t really heard anything bad about them, but then again their fairly new so they haven’t been tested out thoroughly. From what I’ve heard though you want to upgrade the cranks ($75) and maybe the seat/seatpost. It’s whatever you want really. Like I said though If I were you I would get a 24". But If you really want to get into trials/street/flatland riding I would get a 20". It all depends on what you want to do. So just make a decision and realize that their are tradeoffs to each one.

OK, I did not make that last post very well. What I was trying to say is that I want a nimbus 24" uni. But there are several different nimbus 24" uni’s. and from what I’ve heard I should get one that has the isis hub/cranks. I’m not dead set on a nimbus, if people tell me that there is a better 24" uni for doing street stuff with I would reconsider. The only reason I am leaning toward the nimbus is cause it seems that a lot of people think they are the best for the price.

Yeah then get the isis

The two 24" nimbus isis unis that I found are the nimbus x, and the nimbus II. what is the difference? and also, what are my limits going to be if I get a 24"?What I mean by that is what will I not be able to do on a 24" that I would be able to do on a 20"? Basically I would like to know how much stuff is possible on a 24" cause on all the videos it seems that people use 20" unis, so how much of that stuff that their doing will I be able to do on a 24"?

Also, I have no idea on the seat post length. How do I know what size to get? Also also, I was wondering if anyone would strongly suggest changing/upgrading any of the parts on the above stated unis?

Thanks for all the help,

i have a nimbus X and it’s great. i would say go for that one

Which one do you have, the nimbus x with the long neck, or the nimbus x with the isis hub/cranks?

the nimbus with the long neck and no isis. I got it last year, and did trials on it for about 8 months. only bent one pair of cranks slightly. the hookworm that comes on it is a great tire, and the frame is good for 1 footed stuff.

do you have any videos? also, do you think it would be worth it to spend the few extra bucks to get the one with the isis?

spend the money on the ISIS, square taper is being phased out.

the 1st vid is me on my nimbus X, its 8 months old, the 2nd is maybe a month old, and is on my koxx-on uni. that one has an ISIS hub and cranks, and is much better in than the nimbus X