i’ve decided to buy my first unicycle and i really don’t know what to get. i have never even tryed unicycling but i would really like to learn.
what size wheel would be good?
any brand that is significantly better than others?

oh by the way i am about 5’2" if that matters i have no idea

what kind of riding do you want to do?
if you just want a cheap entry level uni try this

you can just look around on

A 24 is best if you want to explore your neighborhood

A 20 is fine to ride indoors or your yard, but is as slow as walking and tiring unless you live in extreme hills where a low gear is cool.
The KH 24 is the best all around uni. You can get one for around 425, but only if you read this top secret thread.

Otherwise it’s 575 $
If cash is short, almost any 20 or 24 is fine for learning, but you will want something better later if you go insane like everyone else here.:smiley:


  1. Read this:

  2. When creating threads on an online forum, put the topic (or question) in the subject line. Usually it turns out to be the first sentence you write in the Body area.

  3. For help on products, tell us what country you’re in. Different stuff is available from different vendors in different countries.

  4. Ignore half of what people write here (hard part is figuring out which half). For example Feel the Light has been riding 4 months and just touted his “lameness on all things” in another thread. His advice was okay though, so the confusion continues. You do not need a KH MUni unless you plan to ride offroad.

For learning to ride, a 20" is generally considered best, though 24" is fine also. Beyond that, you can stick with something inexpensive or go directly for a good unicycle to fit the type of riding you plan to do. Got any plans? Don’t reply until you’ve read the link above. Some of that information could use updates, but mostly it’s very sound.

I haven’t been riding that long but way to go choosing a cool sport. johnfoss has got a good bit of advice there, I suggest as he says to read his article (

If you’re in the states, this is a terrific buy for just starting out:

Very cheap, sturdy enough to learn on, and Torker is a very reputable unicycle manufacturer.

I would say that the “Torker LX” 20" is the best begginers unicycle.

It will set you back about $220 Australian dollars which is pretty cheap for a uni and will take a beating that would destroy any other uni aswell.

Highly reccommended.

Edit: height will define how low you will cut your seat post.

That is the ultimate learning unicycle to have. I absolutely agree with dudewithasock on this one. :smiley: