A few days ago my seatpost broke on my Quax Trials 20", so i ordered a new one and it came today, i undid the seat post clamp and tried to pull the broken seatpost out, but its stuck

and it wont come out

and i wana unicycle

please help!!!

Have you tried WD40??? :smiley:


i havent got any :frowning:


any other suggestions?

Is it stuck pretty tight??

Very tight, i just found some stuff like WD40 but i dont think its working

ill keep trying though


oil or grase will do the job

k, thanks.

hopefully itll work

there should really be a sticky with a link to Sheldon Browns page somewhere

here is his article on stuck seatposts

If that doesn’t answer your question I don’t know what will:D

You could just use brute force