hi… ;-D i’m from greece and i saw a video and i loved unicycling…
but i don’t know anyone that can help me…can u plz tell me what should i buy?i am a complete beginner and i don’t want anything expensive yet…plzz help me… send to my e-mail or msn

thnx alot ;-D

Welcome to the forums. I can help you out if you fly out to Cyprus.

For buying equipment I use MDC. They’re very fast and reliable.

we cant really help you decide on a unicycle unless we know what type of riding you are hoping to learn, do you want to do more tricks, hops and drops, or just riding around?


let’s say that i would like to learn some tricks…but i really don’t know how to ride so at first i need to learn that…what would u recommend?

A craptastic with a gel seat

Buy wrist wraps, they are cool to wear and you will have more fun skidding your palms down the road. Find a long wall and climb on holding the wall, and use it to steady as you get used to pedaling along. A week of afternoons, and you will be able to ride along without the wall.
Buy the best 20" uni you can afford. People argue constantly about what the best is in each price range.
For learning they are all good. If short on cash, you can buy something crap used for next to nothing. Then put a good seat on it. I learned on a junker that I taped foam to the seat. For just learning to ride around on, only seat comfort really matters. Any 20" will do fine.
If cash isn’t real short, the KH uni’s are excellent value. It’s cheaper to buy the good one first rather then a 200$ and then a 500 $.
Still, finding a cheapo used one for 20$ or so is best. Then buy a good one when you know what you want.