with Crank Grabs…I have been practicing for a month and all the help people gave me hasn’t helped me at all…do you guys know of any video tutorials…I just can’t get them and it’s starting to piss me off

Here’s a very good tutorial.

What exactly is your problem with crankgrabs? Grabbing? Balancing? Going to rubber? Try providing a bit more information if you want people to help you.

Also, “help” is not the best title for a thread. Try giving some information on what the thread is about.

On crankgrabs: keep practicing, it’s really easy ones you get it.
On going to rubber: overcome your fear and jump as high as you can. Don’t try to bring your wheel over the obstacle, it will happen automatically.

Just keep at it and you’ll get it eventually.

lol I bail on contact :o

Alright I will keep all that in mind next time and actually today I landed it haha I was so happy haha I am doing good now, but it’s weird I have more trouble doing it on concrete objects than on like tables, but I still need some practice thanks man

Sounds like you could use some practice using punctuation too…

wht is up with you and punctuation? No offence.