hello today was my first time on this website and i must say everyone looks repectful and kind to others atleast better then other forums i have been to(HEHE). any ways I am trying to firgure out what uni would be right for me, i am kind of a newb and don’t really know of all the brands, i do know how to ride a uni bacause i have picked up my dads and rode it on and off, I have now came to the stage where i am trying new tricks and enjoying it very much. I do know that there are may different types yet i don’t know what type of riding style i would prefer. should I just keep riding the uni i have until i have a better idea of what i want to “major or excel in”. or should i go ahead right now and get a trials one (for example). any help would be great.
also what are some small kinda things that i can start to fool around with example: should a start trying drops in the city and hills in the dirt? so i can get a feel for what i want to do. any help would be great. :thinking:

I wouldn’t start doing any big drops or jumps until you get a reasonable uni. You might want to post what kind of uni you have and someone can probably appraise it. You don’t want to break your only uni. I suggest mostly working on freestyle skills until you decide what type of unicycling you want to do. Here’s the lowdown: (and, ALL of them can be awesome, and can range from easy to crazy hard depending on your skill)

Freestyle: done on flat surfaces, unicycling with tricks like wheel walking (placing the feet on the wheel instead of pedals), backwards riding and one-foot riding, etc… Doesn’t require as strong of a uni, usually has a thinner tire.

MUni: (Mountain Unicycling): Just what it sounds like, navigating rough terrain on a fat-tired (and strong) uni (sometimes with a brake).

Trials: Navigating obstacle courses through jumping, pedal grabbing, and falling great distances. Requires a very strong uni for advanced work with a good trials tire.

Street: Kinda like trials, only on an urban playground.

Touring: Going long distances or commuting. Requires at least a 29er, or better yet, a Coker (36" wheel=faster).

I think that covers most things… You’ll want a nice seat on whatever you end up getting or else it isn’t very fun to ride or practice. I suggest you want at least a Viscount saddle, better a KH (Kris Holm) saddle or KH styled saddle (copies), or a Miyata. I’ll try to give some good starter unis for each of these in a second.

someone jump in here if I’m forgetting anything…

I forgot to mention tire size is important too. Also, I suggest a flat crown so you can put your feet on it if you’re gliding or wheel walking for any uni. Anyways… here’s some places to look:

Trials/Street: (usually 20")

Nimbus 20" Trials $169:

However, if you start doing big drops you’ll want a splined hub.

MUni: (usually 24" or 26" with pretty long cranks for big hills, and wide tires)

Pretty much any of the following are good to consider:


Nimbus 20" $144:

It comes in red too…


Coker 36":

I think that covers most of it. Others feel free to offer input. These are just ones that looked good to me. You’ll want to browse

okay…then one i am riding is a sakai, with a 20 inch. is this anygood, if i want to hop this one can i get a handle, also what about making my own i gotta welder.

I’ve never actually heard of a sakai… I’m sure someone else has. Post a pic if you have one. I don’t suggest hopping on it for now. Most of the unicycles I’ve mentioned have handles (Miyata and KH style saddles come with a handle). But there are some available from GB4 Manufacturing ( If you think you can, go ahead and make your own uni. You’ll need a special hub (look at for a suzue). Lots of people here have made their own unis, but I don’t know much about it.

okay so what exactly are these things able to do do people actually dirt jump them or just do drops… and when u pedal gride is that on the crank as well or just pedal.

Well, you can’t really gain up that much speed… but you can jump up things (rocks, etc…) or you can jump off a house (no joke). You can pedal grab or crank grab.

rollin, have you seen the universe 2 trailer? it’ll open your eyes to what can be done on unicycles. while there’s nothing in unicycling like dirt jumping, unicycle trials involves high, accurate jumping. street riding is similar to skateboarding in the tricks done, freestyle is a little bit like flatland bmx… there’s a lot more going on than big drops. basic skills include hopping, riding backwards, riding one footed, and idling (rocking back and forth… like riding backwards and forwards at the same time without moving.) you’ll want a splined 24 like the kh or onza if you want to do drops or go off road, but a 20" trials will work well for everything else.