Help my 24" tire torker just got run over by a suburban and i need to decide whether to 1. get a new uni 2. new 24" wheel or 3. figure out how to get a 20" wheel on a 24" frame. I’m more into street-trials type riding than freestyle. P.S. Money is a big issue. I don’t really want to spend much if any over $100

option three isn’t the smartest of ideas. I think that a new uni would be the best, but you could try option 2, depending on your budget and the current condition of the rest of the uni.

Was it one of the black Torkers? If it’s a black Torker, was it a 2003 round crown model or a 2004 flat crown model?

If the frame and seat and seatpost are all undamaged then it may be worthwhile to get a new wheel. You could get a replacement wheel that is stronger than the original. A quality new wheel can cost more than $100, more than the cost of the Torker when it was new. Figure the cost of a new hub, new rim, new spokes, and labor for the wheel build and it gets to be around $100. Then you’ll also likely need new cranks since your cranks likely got bent by the Suburban. If your old hub is undamaged then you can save about $25 by reusing the old hub.

Strange as it may seem, but it may actually be cheaper to buy a whole new black Torker unicycle rather than having a new wheel built.

I’d also call up and ask if they have any spare 24" black Torker wheels. It’s a long shot, but if they’ve got one it may be a cheaper solution.

if it is one of the DX’s, get a new wheel. if it is an LX, get another uni. you can get them on ebay for around 70 bucks. which isnt that bad. its a GREAT uni for that price. the DX’s you can get on ebay for around 150. and that is quite a bargain in itself too. whichever you want. your money, your uni