Hey all,

I was downtown today practicin my grindin when pop! I broke a spoke:( . What should I do because isnt the whole wheel weakened when im missing a spoke? Thanks all.


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Replace it. Spokes cost all of $0.50 most places.

Ya thats what I was going to do except when people are talking about rebuilding a wheel it sounds pretty technical so do I need to do all that stuff or could I just put it on and tighten it?

Thanks- Brian

Buy a spoke and a cheap spoke wrench.

Remove the tire and tube. Pull back or remove the rim strip. Unscrew the spoke nipple and pull out the spoke.

Thread the new spoke through the hole in the hub so that it is laced just like the old one was or just like one of its neighbors that is done from the same side and in the same direction. Don’t worry about bending the spoke to make it fit throughout the lacing process, the tension applied later will straighten it.

Put the nipple through the hole in the rim, screw it onto the spoke, and tighten it.

Mark this spoke with a piece of tape.

Tighten or loosen this spoke as required to make the wheel true again. Use the frame as a truing stand. If it’s a steel frame, use magnets to hold a small piece of steel, like a metal rule, to the frame to use as a guide.

Put everything else back together.

Don’t rub your spokes when you grind.

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