Hi, I’ve recently bust a KH saddle or more specifically, the metal strip inside them- does anyone have any recommendations for what I can use to replace this with??

Also, my Onza hub keeps creaking- I’ve searched for other threads on this and I tried doing what they said (oil the inside of it) and it did stop briefly but has started again! What can I do???

And finally, will Roach seat covers fit KH saddles? (I know there are leather ones for KHs, but I like the look of the Roach ones!) How thick are air pillows? What size inner tube do you use for them?

Last one for real now, where can I get vinyl tubing or whatever to put along the edge of my saddle to stop my fingers getting sore???

Any help on any of the above would be great

Thanks a lot,

I wanted to do something about the metal plate in my kh eg beef it up with some stiffer metal.About the creaking hub i don’t think it’s much to worry about.I know sarah miller’s pashley does it but I don’t have a clue what to do about it.I hope this is a little help even though i have no ways to sort out the problem.

Yes the Roach cover will fit the KH saddle frame with the stock guards. I went with the kit from for 14.95 (tube and sock). Note that there is some padding along the sides of the frame. Before I installed the cover, I ran a thin marine foam tape around the edge from guard to guard.