ive got a sun unicycle, it sucks but in the mean time is all that ive got, so the main problem is the frame, is you see the image below you will notice that the “t” has a horizontal tube that comes out, i hit my legs A LOT with that, do you guys think that if i cut them, and solder them with caps it will hold up?


I know exactly what you’re talking about. I learned on one of those and ended up with bruises on top of bruises on top of bruises. It’s the stupidest design. I hope it works if you end up cutting it. All I could think to do was wear knee pads sideways to protect the insides of my calves.

If it is no fun to ride as it is, then you aren’t risking much, and the potential reward could be a much more enjoyable unicycle.

thank you guys, i am saving for a quax or a koxx, but in the mean time i have to use it, so what would you recomend to fill the hole with?

After cutting the extra bits off fill with car body repair compound

It’s relativly cheap easy to get
Hold of

And once hard you can sand it to shape.