im starting to do noobie trails :), i am preety happy, but still, im a noob, i can hop up a set of 4-5 stairs, and jump about 60-80 cm down, but sometimes i feel my rim is touching the ground, i ride a sun flat top delux unicicle first version:

and i dont know how much air does my uni tyre should have, and if a want to do biger hops like 1 meter or so, should i get a better unicicle, or just changing my uni rim for a double wall alluminium would do it???

thank you very much, and sorry for my english.

4-5 stairs as a noob?! Man, I need to step up my “A” game! I’m a noob too so I can’t really give any advice…however I haven’t heard very good things about the life span of Sun uni’s. As for air pressure, there is no real specific air pressure for uni tires because it all depends on what you’re looking to accomplish and how much you weigh. If you’re at risk of a pinch flat, you’ll need more air, but not so much that your tire is rock hard and has no bounce…especially for trials. But then again someone will probably say that they like to ride a rock hard tire. :thinking: It’s ALL pretty relative.

Hope that helps a bit.

If you are bottoming out and your rim is touching the ground, you should put more air in the tire. Generally its a good idea to add more air each time you bottom out. If you want to do drops that big you may want to look into getting a trials unicycle. Unicycles like the flat top aren’t really designed for big drops, and even if you upgraded the rim, the hub and cranks could still break.

My sun frame broke from a curb

i dont hop the 4 stair in ONE JUMP, as i said im a noob, i jump them one at a time jaja but still thank you for posting

i know i need a better unicycle mine is not intended for trials, but i live in colombia, so no, or unicycle/bycicle store around, and there arue just a few stores that ship to my country, one of them is walmart, these are two of the unicycles i have been looking for;

thank tou very much,

get the domina. nicer frame than the devil

You could get something from shipped to you through one of your American friends on the unicyclist forums :smiley:
I would do it but I have no idea what it would have to go through for international shipping (if there’s customs, etc.).
Does ship to Columbia? There are some good trials unis on there.

edit: Looks like Walmart actually has a pretty good selection of unis. Still, I would check out Amazon and other shopping sites.

Not that anyone cares but I just sold another one of my friends on K1 as their first uni. This guy is actually getting a Black Domina…can’t wait to see what it looks like.

well it is colOmbia, in south america, and i will probably go to usa in december, so for about 200 bucks what is the best uni i can get?

It really depends on what you think is best. My friend got his K1 Black Domina and I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with it. We had to file a little bit down on the bottom of the seat tube, but is’s a great uni for under $200. With that said, I’m still very satisfied with the Nimbus my wife bought me off of I’d say check out all the suggested “good” uni companies and their unis and just go from there.

Good luck!

I’d say to put in close to the max air pressure in your tire, but if not, get a different unicycle. I own a Sun Flat Top Deluxe too, but it’s a different version. Mine used to be perfect, but it can’t handle all of the stresses I’ve put into it from jumping up stairs and curbs. My hub twisted a while ago, and it just isn’t strong enough. Here’s what my unicycle is:

that one i think is a good unicycle, but sun does not put isis in its unis, i like the k1, one of my biggest problems is the frame, if you compare yours with mine, mi fork has a horizontal tube gong out, yours goes vertically, a huge improvement, because i always hit mi legs with that freaking tube :frowning:

I’d strongly suggest that you buy one of those, as of right now that’s the best you can get for that price.

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