Help With Wheel Walking

I am looking for any help or tips learning to wheel walk.

I found this info to be very helpful when I learned:

It was easier to learn on my 20" uni to start.

Check out

Also use the search button at the top right hand corner and type in “wheelwalk” or wheel walk.

I believe there have been alot of threads about this.


from the wise words of jsm that helped nearly instantly, lean back to when it almost feels unconfortable, but thats how it goes down. if your worried out it being a 24 no worries, i learnedon a 28, just raise the seat a little bit and just practice


Yeah jsm knows whats up, im not hte only one who tells people ya gotta lean back,

Is it harder to learn on a 20 inch? Becuase right now, thats all i have. And a little p.o.s 16 inch.

Well I only rode 24 for a couple o years ond learned on one, now i ride 20 and i find it hardre on the 24. I think htey are the same, once you get used to one U can learn the other no prob.

It is easier on a small wheel, because the crown is shorter… You can get your feet up or back down more quickly - not as far to go.

I’ve been trying it, and it seems impossible. I’m slowly progressing, VERY slowly i might add…

when ever i try ww without assitancei get going to fast and fall off forward. Do i just need to lean bad more?

In this case lean bad less.

You do need to change your weight distribution when wheel walking. It means leaning back further than you will feel comfortable with initially.

When you’re wheel walking you have both legs out in front. That means that there is extra weight out front that needs to be countered by leaning back a bit more. That’s the freaky part with learning to wheel walk.

Push your butt backwards while keeping your chest out. That’s bad posture if you were standing and it’s the kind of thing you’d do if trying to make your butt look bigger and your chest look bigger. But it helps with wheel walking because it gets the weight a little bit further back while not being too far back.