Help with unispins

Hey guys, I’m a 12 yr old unicycler who can do wheel walking and a lot of the other basic tricks, I’m currently working on unispins and crankflips, the unispin is the question here. I can jump of the unicycle fine, and have only landed on the cranks and then fallen 1 time, but now, when ever I jump up, I spin the uni, but the wheel comes out from under me, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well you shuold learn crankflip after/while doing 360 unispins.
Here is a great video tutorial for unispins:

Thanks for that tut, BTW, I switched my big fat, (and extremely comfortable) KH saddle from my first uni, and put it onto my nimbus, should I switch the seats again for the street style saddle, instead of the KH?

Work on no-footers first (jump off pedals, land on cranks - without spinning the uni). The problem is that you jump too hard off one foot or the other, so the uni rolls out from under you. When you’ve got no-footers to the point where you can jump hard without the uni rolling, then try the unispin.

It sounds like the uni may be travelling further than you’d like. Are you lifting the uni off the ground when you spin it? I find unispins are easier when the tire never leaves the ground…

The search function will show loads of help with unispins (I’m too lazy/busy to do it at the moment)
The Nimbus seat will be easier though.

Maybe your pointy head makes everything you do easier when you do the opposite of what everyone else finds easier. Or maybe you just haven’t figured out how to catch the unicycle properly. In any case, I vehemently disagree.

My unispins doubled in consistency when I started lifting the uni off the ground. They got even more consistent after I landed one off of a 2 foot drop. I also found 360 unispins near impossible until…I landed my first 1-spin up a stair. I then was able to get the unicycle all the way around the full 360 degrees before my feet glanced off of the crank arms, buckled under me, and I sprained my ankle.

When I was healed up I finally went out and landed them.

Well, I switched to the nimbus seat, and to maestro, I actually think that I’m pushing it to hard onto the ground lol, how would it slide from under me if it was up in the air, so I’ll try lifting it up when I’m practicing.

Right, try not to lean your weight or push into the seat at all. Just jump off of the unicycle, give it a quick spin, then land back on. You don’t want the tire coming very far off the ground while you are learning, but you also don’t want to really push down on the seat.

Just curious, when did you do this survey of “everyone” and what were the choices you offered each participant? What was the survey result that lead you to conclude “everyone” found something easier?

And what exactly is the opposite of leaving the tire on the ground? Throwing your unicycle up above your head? Lifting it just above your waist?

So, you disagree that I find unispins are easier when done as I’ve described? Have you been riding with me? I’ve never been to Colorado…

for how long have you been riding unicycles?