help with trial uni?

would someone please review this uni?

looks pretty good. im not sure if it has a splined hub, if you plan on doing anytihg big you’d want a splined hub, so maybe might wanna check that out

well its cheap thats for sure.

But the seat is worthless, and the hub ain’t splined.

I think its got a monty trials tyre. I’d say its probably comparable to a Nimbus Trials unicycle. However the nimbus trials has a much better seat, and probably a stronger frame. Although the cranks will break way before the frame. Also you never know on ebay, change is all the components are much inferior to a nimbus Trials.

THe only problem that i see with it is the seat really, apart from that it looks like a pretty normal unsplined uni.

seat clamps like that are a pain, but they are nice for learning, cause i always used to change hight.

nope its a luna

thanks for the help guys!
im kinda on a budget so couldnt afford anything too good :slight_smile:

Yes I’d say you’d be hard pressed to find better for that kind of money, you might want to think about upgrading the saddle as the other guys suggested, not only is it uncomfortable but it has no handle for holding on to when jumping. Sure the hub and cranks won’t last forever but by the time you’ll know more deffinitely what kind of unicycling you want to do.

I think if your going to get into unicycling and knoe your going to ride alot you should go all out and buy a kh straight off, I wish I had now as it would have saved money and time. I have had 2 previous unis that I bought, broke, repaired and sold spending and loosing money on both of them. then I boughta kh 20 which I have had no prolems with and cant see having any problems with. If I had just bought my kh straight off or after my learner uni I would have saved my self money time and dissapointment. you may think your saving money buying a cheap uni now but as you progress past its limits and it breaks and you need to pay to repair it or replace it you will end up forking out more money than you would if you have bought a decent one in the first place.