Help with this trick.

Hey I really want to learn this trick, does anybody have any tips on it? I can superman pretty easily if that helps.


When you figure that out teach me too…

First set up the camera on a tripod. You can try using a self-timer, but I’d recommend having a human there to snap it when you hit the position. Hold it as long as you can, but don’t get the idea that guy is actually going anywhere in that picture…

Isn’t that one-handed wheel walk? :smiley:

i dont think he started on the uni…

Nope, this (feet in), and this this (feet ext) are.

Anyway was on the scene this picture was token the unicyclist riding or idling?

And what is a superman? I only know it in BMX

i think its either one perfest unican or some one who has done a onehaded handed wheel walk and just pulled up there legs

Come again?


maybe he’s hanging from a string. :wink:

sorta like that guy who looks like he’s standing on his head on a giraffe uni but is really hanging from a tree branch above. :smiley:

sorry for my bad spelling i was in a rush i meant to say
it was either a perfect uni-can or a perfact 1 handed wheel hand walk where he has lifhted his legs up