Help with the snafu pedals!

so I lost some pins lately and the grip is getting to suck…so can any pin go in there or does it need to be snafu?!

There r about 4 types of pins:

you need Phillips Head ones.

but i have noticed that my mosh step pedals replacable pins dont have the same gauge as the snafu pins but they r both phillips head ones …

so make sure u get the right sized one too

I have snafus and some of the pins have come out. I found some of them but they do not go back in. I think the threads must be stripped.

with my pedals (Axiom dirt jumpers) when the pins came out i went to a local hardware store and just got some self tapping short screws now they never come out but with those its a goos idea to wear shinpads cuz the heads of the screws go threw skin like nothing! :astonished: