Help with the MIYATA frame curse!

Hello Crazy Unicyclists!

I would like to resurrect an old miyata. The fact is that… as some of you may know… those frames trend to expand in the bottom part, so it ends slipping off the bearings and touching the cranks!

This is due to the “half lolipop” bearing holder added to the open angled legs of the frame.

Any idea would be more than wellcome, I recall someone with the bearing holders mounted in an strange way in a unicon but I cannot remember the way, I dont know even if this was a solution to this problem or just a tunning…

There’s not a great solution, but your best bet is to “cold set” the frame; just use a vise or stand on the end of it to bend the fork arms inwards so they will exert inward pressure on the bearings instead of splaying out.

You can also try green (#609) Loctite sleeve retaining compound, but my results with that were mixed; it helped some, but ultimately broke free, and left a bunch of hardened crap in the bearing holder.

I wasn’t aware of that as a problem, but all my Miyatas are old. In fact they have the older bearing setup, where the bearing holder goes inside the fork, and has the threading in it. Current design has the bearing holders on the outside, and the threads in the fork. Better design.