Help with stripped seatclamp bolt.

Hi, as the title said, I need help with my stripped seatclamp bolt. I want to ride higher but I cant because it’s stripped. the bolt is for an allen key, I searched and I didn’t find anything that could help me. please help me.

Buy a new bolt and drill out the old one.

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Or hacksaw, depending on the type of clamp.

What is stripped, the threads or the allen head? If the allen head is stripped, can you grab the outside of it with vice grips?

cut the bolt in the gap of the clamp with a hacksaw or abrasive wheel. Never miss an opportunity to buy power tools.

it’s the allen head, and no I cant grab the otuside of it with vice grips. I cant use a saw too because there is not enought place between the two side of the seatclamp. I might try to drill it, but I’ll need to ride too low for a bit.

To drill it out, drill into the end opposite of the head. Once the drill relieves some of the interior of the bolt it will snag and quickly unscrew the bolt. Use a drill just small enough to not damage the female threads.

When I drilled out mine, the head ended up popping off right before I hit the threads, then because there was no pressure on the threads anymore I could just use some needle nose pliers to unscrew the rest of the bolt.

They make a tool for removing broken off bolts, it has a tapered shank with a left twist. You drill a little ways into the head, tap it in and unscrew the bolt. Should be able to find some at good hardware store or auto shop.

I was going to mention this as I see it advertised on tv all the time. It works too.


It’s called an “Easy-Out”.
To quote How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive; “Sprinkle penetrating oil on it like Holy Water”