help with stand up one foot wheel walk

i need tips, pointers, and general strategy from any one that can do this. i have attempted, with minimal success. i can stand up, but im not sure how to orient my feet on the crown… thanks much people. Nick

I’d like some advice on this too. I don’t have the slightest idea how to get started. Is it possible to learn this on a 24" unicycle? When I tried it on mine, I got the impression a greater distance between the fork and the seat was necessary.

Have you tried


The non pushing foot rests on the crown. Its a matter of personal preferance which part of the foot touches the fork. I put the ball of my foot on it.

The pushing foot is angled heavily in as opposed to normal wheel walk where the foot runs straight along the tyre.

It seems very akward at first but after a bit of practise it clicks.

Your push off needs to be more stronger (accelerating) than a reular wheel walk. Your first practises will hurt your muscles (who needs to get stronger). As usual: look forward. I do stearing kind of shockwise with the hips.

transition (idle to stand-up, seat touching, front-view)
transition (idle to stand-up, seat not touching, side-view)
stand-up ww in a circle
transition (stand-up to riding)

For the end-transition:

  • look down to see when your pedals will be about to become horizontal.
  • Break.
  • “Fall” forward
  • jump on the pedal which points forward. By this sudden forward motion the previous forward fall will be corrected.
    While finishing this you will be able to estimate what speed you should continue riding.

Have a good practice!
Don’t wast too much time: as soon you can do it a bit, then focus on the transitions (since they will force you to learn breaking and accelerating and steering anyway).
Hope this was helpfull.