Help with stairs

Howdy All,

The UCSB Unicycle Club had a real treat last Wednesday. David Poznanter came to town, showed us some great riding, and inspired us all to learn some new tricks.

My question for the forum is…When riding down stairs, does it ever feel like you’re in complete control? I can ride down sets of 2 or 3 but it always feels like it was just chance that I landed it.

And yes I would have asked David but I had to cut out right after this picture was taken :slight_smile:

Re: Help with stairs

“Complete Control,” no, “control,” yes. I would define CC this way: Able to stop when I want to and maintain balance where I am. Stairs don’t generally allow for this level of control unless they are short and long. The stairs pictured in your post are not these kind of stairs. One has to have “control” enough to complete the ride because once you start you’re committed.

The stairs in the previous post are nice because they are consistent and you can maintain a rythmn as you ride down. The stairs I broke my leg on are not consistent. They are all the same height, quite short actually, but there would be two steps close together and then a couple feet to the next step or two. They are also angled and the whole set curves 15-20 degrees from top to bottom, plus it’s over 100ft from top to bottom. I almost made it halfway during that fateful rehearsal night. (Never mind that I had ridden them clean 6 times earlier in the week.)

Choose your stair rides wisely…or you might just have to take a 6 month vacation from unicycling :stuck_out_tongue: