Help with Skill Level Modified Mount Rules

Does anyone know what the Modified Mount Rules for the IUF skill levels are exactly? They apply from level 5 up, I think. I had it in my head that they meant you had to mount into some kind of skill. For example mount to wheel walk or mount to hop on wheel. Or do they simply mean that you have to do one mount, then another riding skill, then a mount etc, rather than doing all of your mounts in a row?

The IUF site doesn’t mention them at all. Are they on the net somewhere?

-about to test for level 7

My friend said it was level 7, but I think that might jsut be on the USA levels. I saw him doing mounts like sidemount once around to wheel walk I think that’s what he called it. So his leg went round the front twice because in a normal sidemount it goes past the front once. So yeah you have to do them to some riding skill according to him.

Hmmm, yes maybe it is just a USA thing. Can anyone confirm this?

This is some text copied directly of USA website. If you want to visit if go here

10.5.1 GENERAL:
For Level 3 and above, riders may not count their dominant and non-dominant side as different mounts.
Each mount the rider uses for a level must be different. Different can be defined as a totally different mount, or a considerably harder variation on the same mount.
For Level 7 and above, riders must mount to a skill other than riding or a standard idle. An exception may be made if the mount is difficult (example: 360 spin side jump mount). While the ending skill may be repeated, the mounts all have to be different. Examples: Jump mount to one-foot idle, kick up mount to wheel walk, or rolling mount to one-foot leg extended.
If a rider falls while attempting a mount on the first try, the rider must use the same mount for the second attempt. If the rider falls during the ending skill, the same mount and the same ending skill must be used for the second attempt.
For mounts to be considered valid, the rider must end by sitting on the seat with both feet on the pedals and riding a minimum of three revolutions. For mounts that end in skills besides riding, the rider must do at least three revolutions, idles, or hops in the mounted position, and then end by sitting on the seat with both feet on the pedals and riding a minimum of three revolutions.
These mount suggestions are in a rough order of difficulty. They are all considered to be different mounts. It is up to the tester to make the final decision on any mount not listed below. With unlisted mounts, the tester will also need to make the decision whether the mount is a variation or a valid mount. Definitions for most of these mounts are in the Standard Skill List (section 7).
Back mount
Rolling mount
Side mount (side mount reverse would be considered the same as side mount while leg around and leg twice around would be considered different mounts)
Floor mount
Jump mount (free jump mount and side jump mount would be considered different mounts)
Spin mount (for levels 5 and below the rider should do at least a 180 degree spin mount and for levels 6 and above it should be 360 degree spin mount)
Frog mount (mounting in the floor mount position but jumping up into a jump mount)
Kick-up mount
Hopping on wheel mount (rider jumps into hopping on wheel)
Pick up mount
Crank idle mount (rider mounts into crank idle)

Here is a list of mounts i made up for level 10. note they are all to something other than riding and idling and they are all noticabley different mounts. I’m pretty sure this list would be acceptable.

Mounts for level 10

Mount to 1ft idle
Rolling mount to 1ft extended
Side mount to seat out back
Side mount leg around to wheel walk
Floor mount reverse to seat out front
Jump mount to seat out front
Side jump mount to 1ft wheel walk
Kick up mount to 1ft wheel walk
Pick up mount to seat out front
Swing up mount to wheel walk

Thanks, Nick! That’s just what I needed.