Help with sizing

Hi. I’m new to the forums and want to start unicycling. I have some questions about sizing. I eventually want to do trial type stuff like hopping and such. I was thinking about getting a Sun FT 20 inch, but I do not know if it will fit me. I am 6 foot 1 now and am going to grow some more. According to the, that unicycle has a minimum inseam (measured to the floor with shoes on) of 33 inches and a maximum of 38 inches. My inseam is 35 inches. I was wondering how the seat post height affects the inseam. Also the local bike store owner thinks that I will need a 28 inch tire because of my height

uuhhh maybe this will help.

So that link says I should have a 28 inch but I know there are other people bigger then me using a 20 inch. How do they manage?

well tire size depends on what you want to do.

what style of riding are you interested in?

this should help -

19" - trials/ street

20" - freestyle

24" mountain/ cruiser

26" cruiser/ and or mountain

28/29" - cruising/ touring

36" commuting

Anything bigger then a 36" is pretty much left to having it custom made. :smiley:

Haha he knows nothing about unicycles I am the same height and use a 20in(really 19’) I think that sun should be fine though and for learning like you a 28 will work, but a 20’ is better from what I have heard… So yeah I would recommend getting one a little better so you don’t have to upgrade, but that should also be fine… Oh yeah Welcome to the forums!!!

Eh it is not that big of a deal like they make it out to be plus for trails you want a semi-low seat

So how hard is it to hop around with a 24 inch tire? And will i eventually be able to upgrade to a seat with a handle?

Some people do trials with a 24" tire but 19" is best. If you will only have one uni and plan on cruising around with it as well as dooing some hops a 24 would be a good choice becouse a 20/19 is painfully slow when you are trying to get somewhere.

You will definately be able to upgrade the seat, infact that is the first thing I did with my first uni. You may even be able to atatch a handle to the seat that it comes with if it does not already have one.

Welcome to the one wheeled community!

I think i’m going to go ahead and buy a tougher uni, probably a Qu-ax trial 20 inch. From what i’ve heard they are tough and are durable. Might as well spend more money now and save later

if its not too late, get a kh 20 for

What’s the difference. Sorry I don’t know all the technical stuff yet.

Okay, the KH trials is lighter then the Qu-Ax (the yellow hub trials qu-ax)
Um, they are pretty comparable in strength, nobody has really broken the crankset on either, although you won’t have to worry about that unless you start doing rather large drops.

Unicycles come with long seatposts (most people have to cut some off to lower it) so you can raise the sent all you need.

How much of a difference does the weight make?

I think it depends on the unicycle. Like, there’s a difference between a 12" and a coker size seatpost. :smiley:

Me thinks it depends on what the unicycle or seat frame is made of. Whether it be CroMo or steel or Aluminium. :smiley:

go with the 20 inch, 51 year old men ride it!
and ppl taller than you.