help with sixsixone leg armour

I just got my new sixsixone 4x4 leg armour and i was wondering if there is a left or right, like shoes, or if you just wear them on wherever.
I was also wondering if you have any tips on the best way to do them up comfortably, how tight etc
If you have any tips, experiences or anything about your sixsixones you would like to share please do!

i think the “right” way to wear them is so that the “sixsixone” logos are on the outsides of your legs. i am really tall (6’2" or 6’3") so they are small on me. i velcro them on just as they are supposed to go, with the two sides of velcro perfectly lines up. they help a lot, but every so often i will hit a corner really hard and i will bruise through the pads.

Yes, there is a left and a right.

The sewn in side of the calf wrap goes on the inside of your leg. The open side of the calf wrap will be on the outside of your leg.

Thanks for that guys, took them out for their first test run up the hills today. They really help with confidence and allowed me to do stuff i normally wouldn’t (like the skinny northshores).
They held out fine but my new unicycle broke! so much for ‘designed for offroad use’. so now i have to get my frame welded back together, oh well, at least i have another uni to make do with.

You broke the frame? That’s unusual. Frames rarely break. Well, except for the Savage lollipop style frames cause the lollipop holders is just poorly designed. The typical unicycle frame (like the Yuni, etc.) should be able to handle even aggressive muni without breaking.

Well my uni actually has suspension in the frame (like the front of a b*ke) the little arm that went accross to support it broke off meaning if I sit on my uni the frame bends into the tire. Its not that major or hard to fix but i cant uni with it.

Do the sixsixone leg guards protect your ankles, too? They say they do, but it doesn’t look like it…

661 armour

I thought the logo goes on the inside…
I’m trying them on both ways now and it dosen’t seem to matter actually.
I’m wearing mediums. And they are a firm medium.

I have relatively short legs and the 661’s do offer ankle protection for me. The bottom end of them actually sits on top of my shoe.
As for left or right, I wear mine with the logo to the outside. Think about it, why would a manufacturer put their logo on the inside where it wouldn’t be as noticeable?

my ankles are proof that my 661’s do not protect them, although that might be beacuse i have quite long legs and i wear mediums (tho they fit very nicely, even tho my legs are by no means skinny or small) if it bothers you that much you should buy some cheap soccer guards and cut the ankle protectors off, i wear those sometimes and they hold up fine.
oh and logos out.

Interesting! You’ll need to post pictures of it when you get it working. What are you using for the fork?

Daniel Hopkins made some suspension unicycles way way back in 1998 or so. He made a web page describing his creations: Danial Hopkins Suspension MUni. Check out his Rock Shox MUni. That one is probably similar to yours.

Daniel had problems with his Rock Shox muni because the wheel would flop from side to side under hard pedaling. The two suspension legs don’t want to work in unison under pedaling loads. It may require quite a beefy arch stiffener to minimize that wheel flop. And even then I’m not sure how well it will work.

not for me :frowning:

Trip, i dont know how you do it.
You dont even have the KH cranks(=no nubs), but your ankles are some of the most bleedingest things i’ve ever seen.

the onzas do have nubs.

Hightop shoes or boots are the best ankle banging protection I’ve found.

Here is a picture of my unicycle with suspension:

That bitmap is a large file (720 KB) and loads very slowly. Here’s a JPG version (28 KB):

Wow thanks for that, how do you change a file from a bitmap to jpeg? I have lots of pictures that are bitmap and they’re huge, how do i change them?

IrfanView will let you convert to many different image formats. It will also let you select different levels of JPG compression to you can have a big JPG file, a little JPG file, or whatever is suitable.

Do a forum search on “irfanview” and you’ll find some more discussions on using it. IrfanView is free.

yeah thanks for that. I downloaded it now, looks like it could be a handy tool to have, as long as my dad doesn’t find out i downloaded it off the internet!:wink: