Help With Rolling Wraps

i need some tims on rolling wraps.

i can do the roll and stepover with a seat pass but cant seem to get the uni to roll when im on the other crank. ive watched many tutorials but maybe you guys have some tips. im also not stop rolling when i step over

If you need a vid of me just ask

Try doing them down a slight hill, this will give you some extra momentum. You also should be able to gain some momentum from pulling the seat forward after the seat pass. A video of your attempts might be helpful.

Thanks for the tip. ill see if i can take a vid tomorrow cuz im busy today.

Any tips on foot position on the cranks?
Does a stiffer sole help?

The best advice I’ve heard so far is to keep your weight over the hub.
A good video tutorial would be awesome!

You just want the middle of your foot in the middle of the cranks really, make sure they are straight so your feet won’t get caught in the cranks or slip off. For the second part of the roll, it definetely helped me to pump up the tire a lot so it would roll more easily. If you keep falling off a certain way, try countering the weight, see if it helps.
Unihopper did a good tutuorial:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Finally i landed it! i got ike a bunch of em . Thanks for the tips


i watched your tutorial a few more times and then used your tips. They worked great thanks!

I’ve found it a lot easier to use flat, stiff soled shoes. My 5 10’s are the stiffest shoes that I have and I can rolling wrap a lot more consistently with them that my old, softer DC’s.

i have found that any flatland is easier with stiff sole shoes