Help with rolling hop!!

i’ve been unicycling for about a year now and only recently decided to take up more extreme stuff. Im intrested in trials, but i can hardly roll hop. Any sugestions. I ride on a 24" nimbus X freestyle

The best answer is keep practicing!!!

Check out the Articles Tutorial section and use the search tool

Also you can visit I believe they have a video tutorial on rolling hops

Check the gallery here

Somewhere there is a pic of Dan Heaton doing a rolling hop up 7 pallets, it has the frame by frame and it works great for learning, its how i learned to roll hop…But I cant find it lol. But il give ya a tip or 2 i geuss…the height your jumping is how far back you need to be, so if your hopping up something that is 2ft, you have to hop from 2 ft back. Just roll at it, jump up as hard as you can, and try to tuck your body in half bringing the tire up…

Could this be it?

what I did is start out slowly, and just hop when your feet are in the right position. then When I started speeding things up, I started compressing my tire before hopping. then just go faster and faster.

thats pretty impressive

Right now i can rolling hop fine…but only with my left foot forward. When i try and hop with my right foot forward i feel off balance

I used to be the same. Just practice static hopping with your right foot forward, also do some SIF. Then do rolling hops. Try switching hands, as well.

will do

theres a problem with that. When i jump as hard as i can my uni flies out behind me.

you have to pull up hard at the uni to keep your feet on the pedals

ok ill try it thnx

im not that great at rolling hops, but i never really practice much either.

Lol yeah that would be the one :wink:

he looks like he is trying to kick himself in the head with his uni

Lol well sometimes the unis gotta beat you up for a change!

lol i learned how to do uni spins with out shin pads and i put bear trap pedals on my uni i called them my learning pedals and believe me i picked up on landing fast even tho i cant do 360 uni spins yet but i never tried with those pedals