Help with riding skinny's.

Hello I’ve recently decided i want to improve how long and how slowly i can ride skinny’s. I have been practicing for about 3 days and i can ride a bit over three meters but i cant really correct the uni when i start to ride to the edge of the skinny. If i start out on a good line i can stay strait for a long time but if i start slipping of the skinny i cant really stop and correct the line.
I just want to know what skills i can practice that will improve my skinny riding. I read that practicing stand stills helps so i have started practicing them but i would also like to know if there is anything else that helps, practicing hopping, practicing one footed riding, practicing physical exercises ect any thing i can try.
I would also be interested in what your record is for the longest skinny you have rode and how long you had been practicing riding skinnys for when you did this.
I hope this all makes sense and that there is not a thread like this already but if there is i apologize.

Thanks for whatever help i get.

well you’ve only been riding them for about 3 days! so keep working on it. But everywhere you go, ride all skinnys no matter how wide they are. curbs…walls…whatever just pretend like your entire ride you have to stay on a skinny.

also when your riding one, dont think of it as pedaling…think of it as moving both of your feet in perfect circles…while your pushing down with one foot, you should be pulling up with the rear foot and so on. thats why learning to ride one footed with both feet helps.

As far as standstills go…well standstills help skinny riding…and skinny riding helps standstills, so of course work on em both ahahah.

also practice doing tiny drops onto skinnys! And what i also do is not only practice riding on the skinny, but practice rolling off at the slightest angles so you know what to expect when you do accidently roll off a skinny thats high up. Basically learn to fall off the skinny cleanly : )

Change it up too. My favorite skinny to ride is this stretch of RR track by my house. The rail is about as wide as my trials tire so not much margin for error. I like to practice free mounting on the rail and riding, but it’s also good practice to side hop onto the rail and ride. This rail doesn’t have a way to just ride right onto it, though I suppose I could build a little kicker ramp and bring it over since it’s so close to my house. My point is practice the different ways to ride a skinny, it doesn’t have to be a RR track, but whatever you’re sessioning try approaching it from different ways. Free-mount on the skinny then ride, hop to skinny and ride etc… Resist the temptation to do corrective hops, instead you’ve go to learn to twist your upper body around to maintain balance; keeping the tire solid below you. I’m not very good at the moment, but I’ve gotten where I can ride two long sections of RR, probably ~40 feet; but not consistently! And this is from free-mounting on the rail. Main thing is to just keep practicing and don’t be afraid to try real narrow stuff! After practicing on RR sections it made riding on 4x4’s a breeze! However while I can ride skinnies, I’m still learning to ride them in control, slowly…


To quote a smart and handsome guy named 42ofSpades, “One must know how to do something, before he does it”. Just ride them untill your inner legs bleed or hurt (whatever comes first). Thats what I did and now im pretty good at it. And avoid coffee, it makes you have lots of energy but it also makes you jumpy as freakin’ magic beans :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D!!!


(HEHE ruined ur possible thread idea!!!)