Help with purchasing a new unicycle please


I am a big man but shrinking fast thanks to gastric bypass surgery. I used to ride quite a bit before I started gaining weight but have not been on a unicycle in a while. I want to get back into riding and I need some advise on which product to buy.

I have a perfect place to ride in my neighorhood. Flat streets and very little traffic.

When I first started to ride I bought a cheap model from Sears and after my skills increased I bought a Schwinn. I would like to buy a decent model for purely street riding. It needs to be sturdy enough to handle my size. I am 250 pounds now but hope to level off at around 200. I am 6 feet tall with a 30 inch inseam. What tire size should I consider and why? Any other buying tips.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.


hey, im 6 foot as well, but only 160lbs.

for street riding, i would recommend a nimbus II ISIS (20" or 24").

theres a handy llittle graph here for selecting a unicycle.

but thats just my opinion, and im still pretty new to unicycling.

hey, im 6 foot as well, but only 160lbs.

for street riding, i would recommend a nimbus II ISIS (20" or 24").

theres a handy llittle graph here for selecting a unicycle.

but thats just my opinion, and im still pretty new to unicycling.

I think you should buy Nimbus Muni 24.
It’s strong heavy uni.

I think when he said street he meant THE street, not Street. So why a MUni and why ISIS? Sounds like he just needs a regular uni until he gets out there and decides he wants to shred or do drops. But I do like the Nimbus II ISIS 24" models, even if the ISIS hub is a bit overkill. It would make a great all-around cycle. Except they all show out of stock for US.

Get a 24" if you want to cruise, and a 20" if you want to do tricks. But if you want to actually go places, consider a 29". Great for moving, but not so much for doing tricks. Any model should be fine for normal riding, but consider the seat. The KH/Velo/Nimbus seats are the superior ones. To me, everything else is less comfortable.

Once I learned how to ride on a 20", its limitations became very apparent quite soon - riding it is only a bit faster than walking. I use a 29" for off-road riding as well as transportation from place to place around town. I did own a 24" muni in the interim, though.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d buy the Torker LX 24" or 26" to start, and move up to what I currently have, the Nimbus 29". If you go with the Torker LX, do yourself a favor and upgrade the saddle to one already mentioned.

First of all, congratulations on your weight loss and choice to get/stay fit via unicycling.

Since you already know how to ride you may want to get a 24" or 26," as mentioned above, to practice up and then decide what you want to do. Long distance? Trails? Hills? Tricks? If you get a Torker lx, you can pick one up cheap and then resell it when you know what you want to do. I like off road and distance so I like my 24" MUni and my 36" best.

Have fun and keep us posted how you’re doing. Where are you located?

Get the most expensive you can afford. Priorities: 1) KH seat for comfort, 2) tilt-able non-rail seat post for comfort, 3) aluminum frame/rim for low weight, 4) ISIS hub, overkill for most, but a quality standard. Because heck, even if you don’t do extreme riding you’ll want to enjoy the difference these parts make.

You want a unicycle that will take you places, a 36" wheel.

(Of coarse, I’ve always initially bought an inexpensive uni, then upgraded it, and then eventually replacing everything with KH parts.)

I would also recommend a Nimbus II 24" or perhaps 26". I think the 29" is less versatile and would avoid it unless you want to just ride and not do any tricks. (It is harder to ride backwards, idle or learn to ride one-footed on a 29" unicycle, but a 24" is still OK.)

You mention that your inseam is 30", but that sounds like a pants size. You want a crotch to floor measurement with shoes. It may be closer to 34-35" for you. This measurement is what you should use to select a seat post size for your unicycle.

Here is a 24" Nimbus in stock:


Nimbus II hits the sweet spot for quality/dollar ratio. It comes with a fine seat and will last you along time (a very long time) If all you do is ride around.

And there is these:

Never rode them or seen them in person so can’t tell you much about them.

ISIS cranks is more than you need but on the other hand you will never have to worry about them either and it is slowly becoming the standard on Uni’s has the Nimbus cycles in stock, and the prices seem pretty good. Here’s a link to the 24, but it looks like they also have the 29.

If you really want something for just riding around, the 29 is better for speed and distance. The 24 is decent for bombing around the neighborhood, but I wouldn’t plan on doing much more than that. If you decide that you want to ride on trails either one works well until the terrain gets more technical which is when the 24 starts to shine.