help with pedal

hi guys i have a kh 24 2010 with odessy pedals one of them slowly turns when i mount can i strip it down and put grease into stop this if so which grease and how do i strip them thanks

They are pretty cheap to replace, that’s what i do. $10 - $15 US.

If they have a grease port you can just add grease, if they don’t you can strip them down, or just open up the end and pack more grease in there. Unless you are feeling play at the bearings I would leave the innards mostly alone.

It’s funny, for a while people were wanting “free-spinning” pedals, now we want ones that stay still.

thanks ill try to squeeze a bit in or buy some new ones if they are that cheap i dont know why you would want them to spin freely

Here’s an article that explains how to take apart and regrease unsealed pedals like the Odysseys:

thanks unihopper ill give it a try could be the end of the pedal looking at all those bits:D