Help With No-Footer?

I’ve been unicycling for about 6-8 months now, and I’ve been trying to get the No-Footer down… I haven’t found anything in the search about it…if anybody could give me a link or even better write out how to do it, then that would be great. I have tried this trick in the past, but when I go to jump up in the air, I chicken out…

No-footer as in gliding/coasting, or no-footer as in jumping off your pedals? I can’t do either, but I’ve been trying to do both. For no-foot riding, I’d suggest learn to one-foot ride, then get used to lifting the other foot off too. For no-foot jumping, start small and work upwards. You could put a hand down on something (railing, fence, bin lid etc), then use that to push you up. Just keep at it, and keep the saddle out in front to prevent any painful landings :smiley:

just start small at first. Do a little hop off of your pedals, imagine you are just on the ground and hop up a bit. Try not to over think it, just tell yourself you are going to hop off your pedals, then do it without thinking about it.

It helps to think about pushing yourself up by pushing down on the saddle when you hop.

Also think about a little hop, then pulling your legs up, kind of a two part motion instead of one big jump.

Try practicing it on grass (or on the bark chips at a kids playground) at first for the confidence boost, you know if you fall you won’t hurt yourself.

Start small and practice a lot, once you can do small hops it’s pretty easy to work up to a few inches, then up to a foot.


Thanks both of you! That advice will come in handy. I’ll go give it a try:D

I do the opposite. If I lean on the saddle during the jump, then the cranks move. I have to concentrate on not pushing down on the saddle. Contradictory advice :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I did today that made it easier was to adjust my pedals so they don’t spin so easy, then they stay in place better after you jump.

great thanks again, I’ve been trying, but it just is hard to come off the pedals…