help ... with new uni

howzit …
ive been looking to get a new uni and have become interested in the shwinn 20 inch … i dont know much about unicycles so im looking for a bit of help … advice on getting a new bike i stay in south africa but have the option of getting one from either san francisco or london … cos i have contacts there … what and how should i do …

Re: help … with new uni

if you have a contact in london, check out, why have quite a large selection of stuff, might give you some additional ideas…

Will this be your first uni?

If so, consider a 24 inch as it is more versatile. When you get some riding under your belt, you may then decide you prefer tricks and stunts (in which case a 20 inch might be the way to go) or you might prefer riding along paths and trails, in which case the 24 will be adequate, but you might want to consider a 26 or even bigger.

Starting with a 20 might limit your options a bit.

(That said, you can have a lot of fun on a 20, and with sufficient determination, you can cover some serious distances and cross some pretty rough ground.)

If this won’t be your first uni, you probably know all this, in which case I’ll shut up.

hello michael

good to hear of some other south african unicyclists
if u r in the jhb area, drop me an e-mail

look after u