help with my torker lx seat

Ok I want to know how i can make my lx seat that is on my DX more comfortable to hold and to sit on because I like how thin it is but it hurts to hold it. I have a blood blister where i hold it at. I don’t know if it is where my cover is worn down or what but can some people give me some ideas that I can try to make it better to hold. Thanks

Gloves will help alot, I used to have badly bruised fingers and knuckles from my seat but once I got gloves they all went away. If you want to make the seat more comfy then you can remove the cover and then put a large bike gel cover underneith the cover. I would also recommend taking some pvc tubing and cutting it to make a C, then putting it along the inside edge of the seat where you hold it for seat in front.

Hopefully those should help you out.

I use gloves every now(accually most of the time unless i am just messing around for a minute or two ) but they aren’t cycling gloves. should I get some cycling gloves?

Cycling gloves will probably help alot, I would also make sure you wear gloves every time you ride until your problem goes away. Its alot easier to slip of gloves than almost any other protect so you may aswell.

i’m going to start wearing my gloves all the time and also get me a pair of cycling gloves. How are the kris holm cycling gloves. are they any good

I just got myself a pair of the old ones and I love them, although people say they fall apart pretty easily; the new ones though are supposed to be pretty nice.

Is it the handle or the side of the seat (when holding the seat for seat out front jumping) that is causing problems?

You can build up the handle with hockey tape to make it more comfortable to hold. You can do the same with the side of the seat (under the seat cover) to make the side of the seat more comfortable to hold.

It is the side of the seat

You can slit open some vinyl tubing and tape it in place over the edge of the saddle. I have an example of that in my airseat gallery.

Another option would be to use car door edge molding. You could even put the edge molding on the outside of the seat cover so it serves a dual purpose to both make the seat edge more comfortable and to keep the seat cover on. Then you could remove the metal clips. The metal clips are evil for fingers. You can get car door edge molding at auto parts stores. This would be the cleanest solution in terms of both looks and function.