help with my proggresion, and other uni q's

first, how long have you been riding and how good are you? ive been riding for about 6 months and i feel like im not progressing. my sif and rolling hops are both about 15" high and 40" long i can do a 180 uni spin and variuos mounts but thasts it. i practice about 30 min- 1 hour a day average. i feel like im not progressing as much as i should be. and i have an extreme lack of obsticles to practice on.

next, whats your opinion on a 24 for street, what size cranks do you use for a 20 inch street uni

last one that i can think of, for sif, whats your secret on insanely high jumps, and how far from the obsticle do you start.

u could look in my gallery and watch the movies… they get better and harder at the front

the ones at the end were like my first ones and have some begginer tricks.

im almost done level 3 and have been riding for 5 months(including the learning period.)

how long have you been riding

i dont do freestyle

well theres ur problem!!!

u need to practice your freestyle and get better at that, becoz it improves ur riding and balance and wat not …

this is wat i think newayz

I have been riding for a year but only had my trials for about 8 months. I can SIF hop about 23" high on good days and gap about 45". I am 2 skills of level 4 but i’m not really into freestyle.

I have not progressed at anything exept maybe a couple inchs with SIF hoping for about 1.5 months. The thing is i don’t care as long as i’m having heaps of fun riding. I used to worry that i couldn’t do a certain drop my mate could but now i don’t care, casue i’m still having fun. Fun is the most important thing.

If i find i’m not having fun i go for Muni ride after a down fall and find the biggest puddle i can and ride through it, getting as muddy as possible :smiley:

I used to say I dont do freestyle. Then one day you wake up and realise that really unicycling is unicycling no matter how you paint it. I agree that working on your freestyle skills adds a lot to your riding. Not to mention it pays off huge for street, like you cant imagine.

As for hopping high. Practice. Go out every time you ride and go slightly higher. One easy way to build height is to build up a stack of pallets. If you dont want to go up so fast use tiles or bricks between pallets to build up a platform. I used to jump up to a solid topped pallet resting on a dozen or so tiles at each corner. Even with such high supports it still worked even for rolling hops. Every time you really nail one hieght just add another pallet or another round of tiles/bricks/2X4 under orbetween the pallet/pallets.


thanks guys.

i shouldent have said i dont do freestyle cuz i do somewhat, i just dont do the level thing.