Help with my air/foam combo seat

I am working on making a combination of a foam and air seat. I cut off the top half of my old KH seat foam and put it on top of my double layer dogbone airpillow (with little air in it). It feels quite comfy, but the only problem is that the foam slides around and moves too much since it is not properly secured together. I have a gemcrest leather cover, but i cant really get it tight enough to hold everything in place tight. What is the best way to secure the components of my seat? I was thinking of putting in metal grommits and lacing the seat underneath.

I don’t know why you would have the foam on top… try putting it on the bottom, and getting a little strip of tape and making a circle out of it to stick the two togeter.

I still maintain that for me at least, a gel pad seat is more comfortable than air or foam, and I’ve tried many. This pad on top of a cut down foam is the most comfortable I’ve tried. It works with no cutting, even though it seams to wide at the back at first. I use it with a Fusion cover.

Sew the dog-bone pillow case in half and turn it into a single layer air pillow. Then fill it with a 12" or 16" tube. That should make it more stable. The two layers of the air pillow are probably moving or sliding around.

I agree with John that foam + double-layer air is way too much cushion. But I’ll also say that a little duct tape will go a long ways… use the tape to form the cushion to the size & shape you desire, then put the cover on. It’s a tried and true design… I’ve even ridden on an airseat with a duct-tape-only cover (no fancy leather / vinyl covering) and it was plenty comfortable!

I’ve done this for several customers with excellent feedback, though I don’t think it’s the final say by a ways.

The problem with this approach is that the tape slides a little through heat and pressure, exposing a line of adhesive underneath, which collects dirt. However, duct tape works well for extending the life of a vinyl cover such as the Miyata.