HELP with MUNI Purchase

I Have the oppertunity to purchase a TORKER UNISTAR DX, with magura brake, for cheap or should i just get a KH? Which would be better in the long run for seriously stupid shit…MUNI… both would be in 24"…

If you’ve got the money go for the KH but both options are great.

depends how much the DX is. But honestly if its in good condition its probs the better deal.

So what did you end up getting?

A Magura brake in good condition is worth something as an upgrade, I’d say you’re looking at even splits depending on how much the asking price is for the Torker.

:sunglasses: :astonished: Well for doing stupid stuff, id go with the DX, its heavy, but will take the hits, if you have the extra 200 then go for the KH, but I ride the DX, and you can do seriously stupid junk on it.