Help With Move

can anyone help me with this move here?

any tips at all, anything which might speed up the learning process.

Re: Help With Move

I totally misread this and thought you were asking for people to help you move.
Er…sorry, I don’t know how to do that, but it looks cool!

looks to me more like a one footed 270 unispin…as in, a 270 unispin, but you land on one foot rather than two. so I think the logical learning progression would be learn a 270 unispin, and then eventually learn to do it but land just on one foot.

Its only a 180, but I cant really help you learn the trick as I cant do it myself, although I think I’ll pratice it once I get my uni back together.

try jumping up to the tire like that without the spin first. Once that gets easy, throw in a unispin.

well, yeah, it’s only 180…but you land with your foot on the tire AFTEr 180 degrees, which is comparable to a 270 unispin. I think that learning a 270 unispin, and then learning it one footed, then learning to not completely turn it the last 90 degrees would be the best way to go about it.

If you didn’t already know…thats Shaun Johanneson. He sometimes post on here. I believe as unifreak7. You might get in contact with him somehow.

Peace, Kelly.

I feel special now. lol. yeah it’s me, the trick is thanks to Dan Heaton, who I believe is the creator. It’s not too hard of a trick, but can get you if you land wrong or don’t hold the seat well enough. But the post on the wheel is easy if you hold the seat out (cocking the frame) so it gives your foot a easy rest place proped up agaist the frame and on the wheel. Then just drop down. So you wanna spin the uni, and lock your foot into the wheel spot against the frame. When you learn to do that, you can 180 unispin down from it, after the 180 up, or 360 unispin down, or whatever you feel possible. Good luck. Add me if you want any more advance. Or just add me. haha.
-Shaun Johanneson