Help with Magura brake questions

I’ve been given this brake free from my technology teacher at school along with two spare brake cylinders, 3 brackets for bikes, a spare lever and some really worn pads.
-Unfortunately the handle pump piece has broken and there is no longer any way of attaching it to the handle. Does anyone know where I can get a new one cheep?
-Also what type of brake is it because it doesn’t look like the HS33?
-I know I need to get some new brackets, but do I need the tensile ones with a DX32 rim, or can I use the ones supplied with KH24s?
-Also what type of brake fluid does it take because I need to refill it?
-Are there any recommendations for new brake pads too?


I dont know all that much about them but it looks like a HS33 to me. Fill it with water. Its cheaper easier and makes for a lighter feeling brake.

Looks like the leaver is pretty knakered, have a look on chain or tarty, I think new leavers are normaly about £30.

No I’ve just looked there and they’re £40-£50! Bit out of budget at the moment. The handles look different though. I think I’ll have a go at making something to repair it instead. I’m still not sure about the brackets though can I use these or do I need these?

They are basicly the same but one set is branded and therefore alot more expensive.

Try bleeding your lines with water, if they work, fix the leaver. If they dont, consider buying a new set. Check ebay or go for the HS11 which I think are £35. Im running a HS11 on my 29er and its perfectly adequate.

That’s the one I’ve got HS11! the handle for that is £20, a bit better!

i’ve bought two operational sets of maguras on ebay for £11 each in the past, this will be your best source for a new handle body. Yours does look like an HS33 to me, an 05 series. The brackets that came with KH24 are fine, the tensiles are for if you’re running a monster rim like the Surly Large Marge 64mm. Khs used to use DX32 rims and used the same brackets as they do now.

As for fluid, the reccomended is Magua Blue Blood, this costs £2.50 for a bottle for one bleed, but you’ll need a bleed kit which are expensive. I’ve never done water but a lot of trials riders do, and you can just take the plugs out and submerge the entire gear to get all the bubbles out, with no need for special equipment.

Oh right, I’ll go with the water option. I will bodge-job this handle and get another handle body after, I have a spare lever for one any way.

nice set on ebay atm for 99p, and cheap postage!

Yeah I’m watching them now. Might get them, I have loads of spares then :smiley:

1-wheeled-grape, depending on how the above set goes, I might be able to locate a HS33 lever body for you. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be compatable. Let me know, I’ll see what I can do.

Supposed to use Magura brake fluid, but as it’s a tad over priced, I use distilled water, the lack of oxygen makes for a more solid brake rather than the softer brake that you’d get from using plain water. I’d advise bleeding the system through with oil occasionaly, just to keep the rubber seals in good nick.


Heh, just noticed my post count is twice the number of my age, lol.

Oh awesome thanks! :smiley: I’ll PM you if I do.

Thats cool. I swapped a BMX frame with a mate for a HS33 with braided hose, to go on my uni. I’m sure there’s a few more HS33 bits knocking about round his place.


I’d go with a set of them, unless you have a huge rim on your uni… I got the full HS33 Evo kit, so I have the grey mounts in the Evo2 pic in the link below. These aren’t offset, and work fine, I have the QU-AX Alunimium frame, with a 45mm rim.


Oh thats ok, my friend got a set with his KH24 and he said I could have them for £8, which is ok.

what uni are you mounting them on?

An old (04 i think) KH24 with DX32 rim

Did you work out a solution? I got given a brake with a similar problem, the clamp snapped off. Hacking up an old deore V brake lever I kept the clamp bit and attached it to the lever with a bolt, a lot of araldite and a couple of layers of baked bean can in between. Bit of a bodge job but its done well for ages now and was quite good fun.