help with long uni rides writes:
>Does anybody have any other tricks to prevent sweat/chaffing enduced
>Any creams? Any tips? (I already know corn starch works…to an
I ride a lot and have definitely built up some pachy derma (thick skin).
So I am not sure what others might endure, but I can say that for my 80
mile ride, I just wore cotton briefs, cycle shorts (the lycra kind that
are tight), and Roach cycle pants (shorts, but not the tight kind). I used
a bit of cyclist creme but didn’t feel it did much, and 80 miles later I
was totally fine. It is REALLY important, tho, to ensure that you are not
accidentally sitting on any part of your genitals that could be more
comfortably placed nearer to your lap. I just pull everything out of
harm’s way and never look back. If I ever DO forget, I feel either a sting
or some pain or near-numbness, depending on how careless I’ve been.
Sitting on a testicle for a long while can happen, esp if the road is
bumpy, and that is the usual cause of pain. Correcting this usually
alleviates the pain in about 20 seconds, tho those can be painful seconds
as the blood rushes back.

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<-- thanks the goddess every day that she doesn’t have testicles

It’s more chaffing than anything, I haven’t made a routine of sitting on my testies, although every now and again:o

<–Thanks the goodness sitting on a nut is probably more comfortable than childbirth :slight_smile:

Re: help with long uni rides

“Who wants children anyways.”

–Quote from unijess unicycling web page

> <–Thanks the goodness sitting on a nut is probably more comfortable
> than childbirth :slight_smile:

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are you sure?you’ve got alot of living to do and it may be helpful to have a couple around ,in case the need arises.

child birth is overrated…

why might the need arise to have testicles? :thinking:


cause they look cool.

Jagur, that was… er… well… unexpected. Keep up the good work. I got a good chuckle from that.
-David Kaplan

Re: help with long uni rides

From posts I’ve read on bicycling groups, the numbness problem is not
caused by sitting on a testicle, but rather from putting pressure on the
nerves and blood vessels at the base of the penis. While not as painful
as sitting on a testicle, it does pose a serious hazard to reproductive
health. Then there is the possiblity that once you are numb, you could
sit on a testicle and not feel the normal pain, leading to injury.