help with landing my 5' drop (i couldnt)

i was riding around temple’s campus today, being as thats where i go to school, and i saw a wall. i wanted to jump off it. first i tried seat out, but i seem to not hold the seat hard enough, as the uni just shoots out from under me. the seat-in would have worked, but i hit the ledge on the way down and managed to sack myself while falling 5’ off a unicycle. ANY TIPS ON BIG SEAT OUT DROPS? thanks


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Well, unlike uni from nursery school suggests, on big drops, you want to do them seat in, so you can roll out on impact.

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Maybe you should try smaller drops first. :slight_smile:

edit. Or go to the gym and do a couple of squats with big weights so your legs become stronger. That helps too.


thanks guys. i know i can land this drop, i think i was tired from doing trials all night. also, i should not land in snow…
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anyways tri bending your knees alot and leaning back a little if you must do a seat out drop. It is alot easier to ride off tho.

i’d recomend that you find a drop you can only just do, practice till you can do it every time and them move on to a bigger one.

it shouldn’t take you long to work up to doing quite rediculously big drops.
but beware that if you just try huge drops from the start you’ll only end up with bruises and broken unicycles.
whilst it seems realy exciting to jump off massive stuff, its actualy only dangerous if you don’t practice on small stuff first.

and besides drops are realy easy anyway so you’ve got no excuse for not practicing.

although some people say that seat out is best for big drops, ive personaly found the opposite to be true.
and make sure that youre seat is realy low for big drops too, otherwise youre going to get squished.

when doing a big drop i like to jump sideways, turn 45 degrees in the air and land facing forwards so i can roll out when i hit the ground.

Check Into the Thunder Dragon on DVD. I think it’s in the bonus features where Kris explains how to do huge drops (both seat in and out).

Yeah, Kris lands a 14 footer on video there, into snow. He did it seat in, so he could roll out. He explains it there. One thing that helps with big drops is to find a good transition plane. Kris has been quoted saying “Friends don’t let friends drop to flat”. If you can find a good little slant like the bottom of aq half pipe, it will make dropping much easier. Honestly, the only time you should do big drops seat out is when you can’t roll out for some reason, you never get a chance to put the seat back in (In Into The Thunder Dragon, Kris pedalgrabs a 6" pole seat out, and then proceeds to land a 6’ drop to sand, seat out), or if you need super precision, such as in universe 2, when Ryan Atkins lands a 4’? dfrop in gasworks park onto a very thin pole, seat out. IF it’s just some crappy, static 5 footer from nowhere to nowhere, do it seat in, if you must. The hard part about landing big drops is not tha landing, but straying on the uni, after the landing. Ryan has a video in one of his galleries where he does a 5’+ drop to flat, ad you see him struggling to stay on his unicycle.

Can somebody explain to me the technique to ‘roll out’ of a big drop? I’m having a little trouble visualizing it.

Instead of landing with your pedals flat and almost stomping on them in that position, let the forward pedal push down on impact, so your wheel starts to roll as soon as it hits.

ok and then i have to backpedal slightly to get the uni back under me? I think I get it now. Thanks