Help with KH spokes and nipples.

I am trying to replace the old spokes on my KH rim with newer ones. I went to the local bike shops with a few 13 gauge KH spokes and they say that they don’t have any nipples that fit them. So i looked on UDC and saw that they don’t sell 13 gauge spoke nipples, only 14. but i also saw on a google search that KH 13 gauge spokes use 14 gauge spoke nipples but i am wondering if this is true then why didn’t the 3 bike shops i looked at have spoke nipples that would fit my KH spokes.

Bedford Unicyles have 13 gauge spokes/nipples.


If you are replacing the spokes in your wheel you should just get 14 gauge. It is far more standard and you won’t have problems in the future. I think that the KH nipples are threaded for 13, but the nipple grip is 14. This is why the nipples have notoriously thin walls, and have been known to mash up even with the proper key.

I haven’t had any problems with my KH spokes, but if I replace them it will be with good 14 gauge spokes like Sapim, or DT.

so if i were to order a bag of these then they would fit?

No, those nipples are threaded for 14 gauge, the KH ones are bored for 13 gauge, but the flats on the outside of the nipple use the same spoke key as a 14 gauge spoke.

In your original post you said you wanted to replace the spokes, but then all the talk is about nipples. If you plan on getting nipples only you will need nipples for 13 gauge.

You might want to call Renegade Juggling to see if they have nipples that will fit. I remember a similar post a while back where someone got the nipples to fit KH spokes at Renegade.

sorry but i was typing fast when i wrote this and i meant i want to replace the nipples, not the spokes. But you think i can get nipples to fit KH spokes at renegade? Ill check with them.

you cannot just replace 13 ga. nipples, you have to buy the spoke and nipple combo.

I had this same problem. I emailed and they said to call them and they can get me 13g nipples.

i had to order both spoke and nipple from UDC … they would not let me just order nipples.

^I got the email this morning, I haven’t actually called them yet.
Do nipples come with the kris holm 13 gauge spokes on

Sapims are the best.

I’d replace any 13 gauge KH spoke with Sapim single butted 14 ga “strong” spokes and 12mm 14 ga nipples that come with them. These guys sell them directly, precut to your lengths and have them in black too:

I’ve swapped out all my 13ga spokes with these in a 4-cross pattern and have had no wheel issues since. They are the best spokes for unicycles.


yeah i could do that but i don’t really want to completely rebuild my wheel. My dad and I have already done it once and it is a pain in the butt.

If you have already done it once then it will be easier this time. With practice it is really not bad. I can rebuild a wheel in half an hour.

what size spoke do i order. i have never done a 4-cross. is it any harder?