Help with KH brake lever mount

I just got my new muni and I’m having a bit of trouble attaching the brake lever mount. It seems the welds in the tube are too close to the hole for me to screw the nut on. I’m thinking of filing down the weld or just getting a different nut to put on. If anyone has any other suggestions, I would appreciate it.

I would get some longer bolts and get a couple washers. Cut the edge of the washer so it doesn’t push on the weld then put your nut over the washer.

While your seat is apart this would be a good time to add a 2nd stiffener plate…

I came across the same problem a while back.

There really should be no need for the customer to mess around with modifications, filing etc especially when fitting a KH brake bracket to a KH seat… You’d hope it would all fit neatly or come with appropriate parts.

Here’s two pics. One of how my KH36 arrived. It includes the brake bracket fitted already, mounted with smaller nuts. The second of the KH29 after the retrofit - needed to grind some of the weld away to use the standard nuts. Not a neat job, but it was outside at night and by that stage I wasn’t overly impressed :slight_smile:

A simple solution would be to include appropriate nuts with the KH brake bracket.

Id just pull out a drill/rotary tool and put the apropriate bit in. Probably the cone shape grinder, go in there and smooth down where you need it.