help with KH 29er sale

I want to buy a KH 29er if there is a deal going on. On there is one, but its not in American money and i dont even think i can get one from there. UDC in The States dont have any deals, but the UK one does. Is ther anywhere else that has a deal on a KH 29er?

Honestly i dont understand the point of a splined hub for a 29er but whatever

The cranks won’t come loose on really long rides? Otherwise, yeah, the splines seem a bit overkill for the kind of riding a 29er is made for.

well maybe he wants it to be a xc and rough terrain 29er…

Having something reliable that you can trust the cranks won’t come loose during a ride is a really really really big plus. When riding XC it is possible to ride a 29er hard enough and aggressive enough that standard square taper cranks and hubs are a liability. A strong hub and splined cranks make prefect sense on a KH 29er that gets used for XC riding.

I guess I don’t ride mine hard enough…

Personally i would check out it’s all candain so it’s a fair amount less then it seems. plus it’s all built very nicely !

I am totaly going to get a splined hub on my next 29", I would get on for my coker if they made them wide enough, I guess if you ride unicycles “like your supposed to” the splined hub would have never been neccesary in the first place.

But as far as the deal online goes, another guy I know just ordered it from Germany and had it shipped to the US because it was cheeper then, so if your looking for a deal I don’t think you’ll find another.

I’d second the Bedford recommendation. I have one of these exact cycles from there and it rocks.

Yo - yous needs a splined hub on a 29er if your going to do this with it. That’s a Profile w/190mm cranks. KH 29 rim, WTB Exiwolf tire, see if (ride it if you’re nice to me) at Moab.


that think must be like a tank on the trails…i want one now.