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hi, i’m sure this has been asked and answered many times before on this forum. i am a new rider. i have been 1wheel mobile for about 5/6 weeks now (and i love it! especially muni!) I can still stand for about 8/10 secs, ride for a couple of miles without UPDing however, the one thing where i fall down is when i try to idle. i just can’t seem to grasp the movement/ point of balance/ rhythm/ etc. could anyone provide any help with this (or provide me with a link to the relevant forum page. i’m still trying to get the hang of posting here)
thanks in advance


Use the search button (upper right) to look for the info you need and you’ll find tons of tips on these fora as well as links to sites full of more tips, some with video as well…

My personal progression into idling began with riding into a stillstand (i.e. ride, stop, ride off), then I tried riding into backwards riding: ride, stop, pedal backwards, fall off… repeat

If you work on this until you can pedal backwards a few revolutions, stop then ride off forwards you’re almost there… there are other ways to work on idling but this was what worked for me!

Practice, practice, practice! Good luck! Let us know how you do!

I learned in my basement where I could grab two overhead floor joists. I would set up, relax weight into seat, look at the far wall, begin idling, let go of the joists, and try to correct until I fell. Remember, like riding, every correction makes you try to stand on the pedals. Keep your weight in that seat.

cheers maestro, i’ve not tried that approach. will give it a shot tomorrow. up until now i’ve mainly been practising in my kitchen where there are two worksurfaces to grab onto but, like harper said, that just seemed to make me stand up out of the seat. oh well, more practise is needed. gutted! :wink:

cheers for the advice both and i’ll let you know how i go on,


I was getting quite frustrated when I first learned to idle as I’d read all I could, watched the videos and asked people for tips until one day I pumped my tyre up hard as I’d read it helped with turning and then I could idle. Not brilliantly at first of course and I no longer have to have a hard tyre but it did help me learn. There’s no quick route to learning anything on a unicycle though, it’s all practice, practice, practice.

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On Mon, 23 May 2005 14:47:29 -0500, “professor_simpkin” wrote:

>I can still stand for about 8/10 secs
Does that mean usually between 8 and 10 seconds, or does it mean 0.8
of a second?

>where i fall down is when i try to idle.
Go to <>, then click Tips
for Beginners. Download the Word doc “Learning to Unicycle”, it has a
one-page tutorial on how to learn idling.

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in addition to all the other tips and suggestions, here’s my two cents worth

slow down
chances are u’re trying to idle too fast
it’s a very languidly lazy movement

Give up,
I can do heaps of stuff but cannt idle. Why would you want to sit in 1 place and go no realnowhereman?

The great sage of unicycling :roll_eyes:

Immediately after I have decided NOT to challenge the best unicylists of the world…my idling and riding backward is progressing much better.
Relaxed approach and perseverance makes the do…Ergo…less spasticity.l.:smiley:

thanks for the help all. as a result today i managed to idle for 4 revolutions. my best yet! i can see what’s meant about the rhythm of it and it feels oh so nice.
thanks again all and i’ll l;et you know when i can do it for an entire minute! ( god i love being a beginner unicyclist. a minutes idling seems like a challenge in comparison to all those people struggling to do 540 unispins, 15 minute still stand, etc!)


I hear lots of people grabbing onto things and I don’t think that is the way to go. I learned in about four hours, at work. It was at a gass station, sunday early morning 5am tto about 9am, IE no cars.

If you know how to roll back mount, just do it and then try and do it in the oposite direction. Its how I learned, I learned to idle very quickly, and make sure you seat is very high it makes it much easier. I learned how to one foot idle probably two three weeks after that, and I learned to one foot in about twenty minutes, grabbing onto things just hinders the learning proccess, you may feel like your making more progress because your staying on the unicycle, but your really not dooing much.

And lastly, go through the flow of idling, that slow controled back and forth motion in your head, whenever your not ridding. You’ll be a master soon enough.

Definition Question on Idling

Is it still idling if you do a butter churn and continue the rocking?

Or does the butter churn technically end the idle?

That’s extremely impressive! I can idle indefinitely without giving it any thought, but I can rarely if ever still stand more than 3 seconds. Unfortunately, I can’t give any tips on idling, but just keep practicing, and you’ll be a pro before you know it.

I have practice idling for many hours.

When I idle for 30 minutes or more, my right knee gets sore.
I cannot keep pressure off of the outside edge of the right foot either.
Anyone have this problem before, or know how to correct it?

Re: Definition Question on Idling

what’s a butter churn?

Re: Re: Definition Question on Idling

A butter churn is a twist in place. The point of contact doesn’t change, only the direction you are facing.

aha, so that’s what they’re called


My progress,

I’ve been practicing idling for a number of weeks now. I could rock a number of times for a while now, but not for more than 10-15 seconds. I’d be frustrated but I have seen constant improvement.

Somewhere :wink: I got the idea to keep your weight in the seat. Thought I was, but I’ve tried harder to sit more of my weight on the seat while idling. Doing this has force me to stop rocking, and actually begin to ride the uni back and forth, slower and with more control.

It is actually getting easier, smoother and I’m going longer. Idling really seems to be more of a back and forth rolling motion than a rocking motion.

Thanks for all the help.

Re: Definition Question on Idling

Repost of a question

Note: butter churn means to spin on an axis without moving forward or backward, like a butter churn does.