help with hub and cranks

I am gettting better at riding and starting to jump and to slome drops. I have a square hub right now I do not think it will take a large impact. if I get an isis hub and stronger cranks will I have to get a new tire and rim too? or just remove the hub and add the new hub. how would I know what hub I need for a 24inch uni I have. I cannot find a manufacture name on it. it has been modified so much to support my size I would not know anyway. help?

you will require:

cranks and associated hardware (bearings, bolts etc)

however, if your is a no-name they tend to have narrow frames and small bearing holders which will not support an ISIS hub easily. If you can include a picture of your current uni then maybe some forum members will be able to make a call. Also, swapping the hub will require a wheelbuild, you can pay a bike shop to do this or have a go yourself, its good to learn but the first one isn’t very easy and it will take some time to get your wheel right.

If the flanges are close to the same size you can probably re-use the spokes.

If your frame is cheep it probably has pressed bearing holders which can easily accommodate either 40mm (cotterless) or 42mm (ISIS) bearings.

I believe that all people who consider themselves a cyclist should have at least one wheel build under their belt. If you can build a wheel, you can maintain and fix a wheel, which will save you money in the long run. There is a good wheel building tutorial on Sheldon Brown’s site.

I am sorry to be discouraging

Your frame, spokes, rim and tire aren’t any better then the square hub. Your seat is crap also I bet.

Strong unis are just like strong chains. Replacing the hub just means you break something else. Also, ISIS hubs have 42 mm bearings, while most square hub frames are for 40 mm.

I would save your money, and hang out on the forum so you learn about any cool sales. Buying an entire quality uni, when they are on sale (sometimes 50 % below retail), would be many times less expensive then trying to beef up your present uni piece by piece. Maybe buy a KH free ride seat if you want to really improve your ride. Then just buy a new uni that is what you want. There are a lot of skills you can learn that do not require a strong hub. Learn those and wait until you can afford to buy an ISIS splined uni at one go.

thanks I put some pics up soon as I can

thanks for the help I will put some pics up soon. for some additional help. I have a nimbus seat and the biggest kenda 24 tire I could find to put on it. also the widest petals I could find also. I think the frame is about the only thing original on it anymore. I had to modifiy it alot to support my size of 260lbs. I would like to do the wheel bulid myself it would be good to know how to do. I just do not want to ruin it so I cannot ride.

here are the pics of my 24

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Fixed it for you

I just read over the thread again and looking at the pictures I would not bother to upgrade the unicycle. Just getting a whole new one would probably be better, then you would still have your original one to use as a loaner/cruising around town or you could sell it to help pay for the new ride. Personally I would give it to a friend, get him hooked then hope he goes out for rides with you :slight_smile:

When you re-build wheels it is generally recommended (but not essential) that you use new spokes and nipples. It looks like you have an old steel rim, steel rims tend to be heavier and weaker than modern aluminum rims and if you are planning on doing Muni you will want a much wider rim (I felt a huge improvement going from a 32mm wide rim to a 46mm rim, my guess is yours is about a 25mm wide rim) so you will likely want to replace the rim as well.

So now you have a good wheel with a splined hub and a wide rim but you are stuck using skinny tires because your frame is too small, You upgrade the frame to something larger but now you need a thicker seatpost and clamp as most frames take a 25.4mm post or larger and yours looks like a 22.2. You get a new post and clamp and your unicycle is now a pretty decent MUni. The only things left on it from the original unicycle are your pedals and the saddle.

I’d try and get as wide a rim as possible if I were you(the wider the rim the less it folds).


thanks for the help with the pics and the advice. I guess I will just have to save some money to get a better uni. there is still alot I can improve on with this one until I get the other uni. is there any one for all style uni that I would not have to upgrade everything like on

i would suggest this: they now come with the nimbus venture cranks, which appear to be better than the old quax-style ones. the only upgrades you may want are the kh cranks and a brake system (which you could always get later). i’d say for the extra 30 bucks, i’d get the kh 150s over the ventures that come stock.