help with hopping

d.kathrens <> writes:
> I took a hint from the report of the British unicycle meet "Feerst ve do
> ze freezink, zen ve do ze hoppink". I have been practicing that: coming
> to a stop, standing with cranks level. Then I grasp the nose of the
> saddle, drop to compress the tire, then hop up using my ankles and
> pulling up on the saddle.

Yesterday I was thinking of hopping (I’m still trying to do idling, but I
often get to the freeze point and pause before continuing forwards),
eventually I just went for it, and its surprising how easy it is (one hop,
anyway), because in nearly no time at all I was hopping over a conveniently
placed lollipop stick, then I went to another place (carpark) with lines on
the ground, and managed to ride up and down hopping quite a few… There is a
smallish kerb there, so I thought I might as well try it (on a roll here)

  • and it was no different to hopping the stick. I suspect a larger kerb will be
    harder, but my favourite large kerb was behind a parked car (drat!)

    Recently I’ve been learning drops and can drop quite a long way in any pedal
    position easily - once I’ve got this going up a large kerb ok, I’m set (today
    the carpark, tomorrow the world!).

> I MIGHT be getting two inches of air under the tire, almost no forward
> motion. Yet some of you say you begin hopping a curb from as much as two
> feet away to get proper crank angles? I assume control will improve with
> practice, but what do I have to do to get more height? How do you get the
> height and the forward leap at the same time?

Just try it - I think its one of those things that seem difficult until you do
it, then all of a sudden its just natural.